A's Sound Stage 01
A's Sound Stage 01
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SeasonMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Japanese title「A's サウンドステージ01」
(Ēsu Saundo Stēji 01)
PublishedNovember 23, 2005
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A's Sound Stage 01 (A's サウンドステージ01 Ēsu Saundo Stēji 01) is a Sound Stage corresponding to episode 3.5 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. It was originally published on November 23, 2005.

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Fate now attends school with Nanoha, Arisa, and Suzuka. In the evening, she brings Nanoha to her new home to find that neither Lindy, Chrono, nor Amy are there yet. Since Nanoha's magic hasn't completely returned yet and both Bardiche and Raising Heart are still undergoing repairs, they spend some time playing video games. Just as they are about to take a bath together, Amy returns, bringing Miyuki along. They decide to go to the newly renovated Uminari Sparkle Pool, instead, and take Suzuka and Arisa with them. At the same time, Vita returns home from a walk with Hayate (who is in a wheelchair), when they meet up with Signum, who went to a grocery store. At home, Shamal is making them a dinner, and although the rest of the Wolkenritter are skeptical about her cooking, Hayate claims she's gotten much better at it. She also demonstrates full awareness about their magical nature, as well as extensive knowledge of their character. After the dinner, they want to take a bath together, but Shamal discovers that she has forgotten to heat the water. They, too, decide to go to the Uminari Sparkle Pool instead, despite Signum's reservations. Vita picks a fight with Signum in the changing room but Hayate resolves it quickly. Afterwards, the four of them (Zafira stayed at home) relax in the baths, unaware that Nanoha and Fate are bathing nearby. Suzuka, an acquaintance of Hayate from before, runs into them by chance and chats with them for a while, before returning to her friends. In the end, both parties return to their respective homes late at night, narrowly avoiding collision. After Hayate goes to sleep, Shamal prepares cartridges for Signum and Vita and the two of them leave to search for more Linker Cores, promising to be back in the morning.


Three of the tracks are vocal songs:

  • "Itoshisa to Yasashisa to" (track 3)
  • "Brave Hearts" (track 5)
  • "Tabi no Shirube" (track 18)


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