A's Sound Stage 03
A's Sound Stage 03
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SeasonMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Japanese title「A's サウンドステージ03」
(Ēsu Saundo Stēji 03)
PublishedMarch 8, 2006
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A's Sound Stage 03 (A's サウンドステージ03 Ēsu Saundo Stēji 03) is a Sound Stage corresponding to episode 14 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. It was originally published on March 8, 2006.

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In the spring after the Book of Darkness Incident, Hayate is slowly recovering her ability to walk, and is well enough to attend school with Nanoha and Fate. She also does not hold what the Wolkenritter did against them. The Wolkenritter are serving in the TSAB to atone for their crimes, and have lost their immortality, but are content with it. A flower-watching party is held, with most of the civilian and Bureau characters invited. Fate and Signum are becoming close friends, but maintain a rivalry, with Fate hoping to catch up to Signum's skill in sparring matches. Lindy announces her intention to take a desk job and move to Earth in order to raise Fate. Hayate invites Dr. Ishida and expresses gratitude for her persistence in treating her, but Ishida reminds her that she has two years of rehabilitation left. Arisa and Suzuka learn about Yuuno's true form and Arf's true nature as a familiar. Vita starts warming up to Nanoha, and promises to help her out, but gets annoyed when Nanoha tries to pet her on the head. Fate, having come to view herself as a separate person from Alicia as a result of what she saw while being absorbed into the Book of Darkness, accepts Lindy's offer to adopt her. Nanoha talks with Signum and suggests that rather than regret what has already been done, she should focus on helping others. Arisa and Fate think about how much Nanoha has changed. Hayate plans on making a Unison Device with Reinforce's name to help control her magic. In the evening, Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate go out on flight training.


Three of the tracks are vocal songs:

  • "Anata ga Kureta Sora" by Ueda Kana (track 6)
  • "Kaze ni Mau Hana" by Nana Mizuki (track 9)
  • "Starting Stars" by Yukari Tamura (track 22)


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