A's Sound Stage M
Sound Stage M
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SeasonMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
Japanese title「A's サウンドステージM」
(Ēsu Saundo Stēji M)
PublishedFebruary 2006
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A's Sound Stage M (A's サウンドステージM Ēsu Saundo Stēji M) is a Sound Stage corresponding to episode 7.5 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's. It was originally published on February 2006.

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This special Sound Stage was released shortly before Christmas 2005 and consists of Fate and Nanoha discussing the upcoming celebration and reading letters they received from other characters. They first introduce themselves, recapitulate the events of the original series, and give a short synopsis of A's. Nanoha then asks Fate how much she knows about Christmas, but being a Mid-Childan, Fate only knows what she has read in books and sees Santa Claus as a regular mage, commenting on the impossibility of "magic" attributed to him. They then discuss gifts they've received and agree that their most precious ones are the ribbons that they gave each other in the end of the first season. After that, they start reading the letters. The first one is from Chrono, and they discuss Fate's new (familial) relationship with him. The second is from Yuuno, leading them into a discussion of their future magical specialization. Arf, Amy Limietta, and Mariel Atenza's letters are short. The last letter is from Lindy Harlaown, who praises both girls for their achievements. Lastly, both Nanoha and Fate address the readers of Megami Magazine (which published this Sound Stage) and thank them for their support.


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