"A Day of Nanoha Takamachi"
Report 1 Nanoha
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MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS
Japanese title「高町なのはのある1日」
(Takamachi Nanoha no Aru Ichinichi)
PublishedJuly 31, 2005

"A Day of Nanoha Takamachi" (「高町なのはのある1日」 Takamachi Nanoha no Aru Ichinichi) is chapter 1 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's THE COMICS. It was originally published on July 31, 2005.


The chapter opens with Yuuno's report on Nanoha's life between Nanoha and A's to Chrono and Amy. Nanoha has thrown herself into training under Yuuno's supervision, which includes both outdoors practice and imaginary training grounds inside her head (erected with Raising Heart's help). Yuuno is worried that such rigorous training would normally prove self-destructive but Nanoha's enormous mana reserves seem to handle it just fine. Moreover, she is able to combine her secret training with the normal life of a grade schooler, even though it leaves her exhausted every day. Aboard Arthra, Chrono expresses concern for Nanoha's health. Back on Earth, Nanoha decides to try out a new variation of Starlight Breaker and asks Yuuno to erect a barrier to contain it. Lindy and the others watch from space, as the new spell completely obliterates Yuuno's barrier from inside. The backlash of the spell confines Nanoha to bed for one and a half days but her Starlight Breaker gains the "Total Seal Break" property and additional power.


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