Fate being absorbed by the Book of Darkness
Spell profile
Primary casterThe Will of the BoD
Magic systemAncient Belka
CategoryForce field
TypeCircle (?)
Japanese name吸収
First app.A's (ep.10)
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Absorption (吸収 Kyūshū, Ger. "Absorption") is a composite spell to capture and transfer into a "capture space" the opponent who touches the magic circle generated. It is defined as a force field spell in The MOVIE 2nd A's.[1]

The "capture space" is easier for those able to destroy force fields or cages to escape from.[2] However, if cast simultaneously with psychic interference attacks on the target, it may result in situations that the target not able to dodge or escape, e.g. lethargic sleep.[1]

Notable usesEdit

In A's (ep.10) / The MOVIE 2nd A's, the Will of the Book of Darkness uses it to capture Fate Testarossa. The command phrase by the Book of Darkness (NachtWal) is "Absorption!" in German/Belkan language. It is used jointly with Dream of the Book of Darkness.


Install & Exhaust, an attack possessed by Hayate Yagami in the portable continuity, is probably an application of the Absorption force field.


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