Supreme Air Force "Aggressor"
Organization profile
Other namesS.A.F.A
Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps (transliteration)
TypeSpecial forces
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Air Armaments Service[1]
Japanese name航空戦技教導隊
(Kōkū Sengi Kyōdō Tai)
First app.StrikerS
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Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps (航空戦技教導隊 Kōkū Sengi Kyōdō Tai, officially Supreme Air Force "Aggressor" with abbreviation S.A.F.A)[2] is the elite subdivision of TSAB's training instructors under the Air Armaments Service. They provide professional training to the Bureau's air forces in combat strategy and techniques and commonly act as OPFOR in exercises. Additionally, their duties include reviewing new spells, technologies, and tactics.

Nanoha Takamachi is a member of the fifth team of SAFA (seconded to Riot Force 6 during StrikerS). Vita is invited by Nanoha to SAFA after the dismission of Riot Force 6.



Nanoha and Vita wearing their Air Force uniforms

The Tactical Teacher uniform is same as the common one for Air Armaments Service.



  1. ^ According to Nanoha Takamachi's profile, the SAFA is a subdivision of "Armaments Service" (but not Air Armaments Service). However, from its coat of arms, it is presumed to be under Air Armaments Service as the AAS emblem forms part of the SAFA emblem.
  2. ^ Tactical Instructor Corps at the Japanese Nanoha wiki.
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