Air Armaments Service
Air Armaments Service
Organization profile
Other namesAAS
TypeAir force
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Notable subdivisionsMidchilda Capital Air Force
Supreme Air Force "Aggressor"
Japanese name航空武装隊
(Kōkū Busō Tai)
First app.StrikerS
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The Air Armaments Service (航空武装隊 Kōkū Busō Tai, official abbreviation AAS)[1] is the aerial branch of the TSAB armed forces managed by the Main Office.

While its membership is not restricted to aerial mages (such as support members like helicopter pilots), the AAS is considered one of the more challenging and demanding branches of service and the requirements are very high. Teana Lanster failed her entrance examination on her first attempt.

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

The air force uniform consists of a white single-breasted jacket with a dark blue yoke, worn over a white shirt or blouse, along with a pair of dark blue pants or skirt. The female uniform also features a black belt with a silver buckle worn over the jacket.

On missions, the Barrier Jackets of air force members principally share the same design, although unique Barrier Jackets are permitted for special magic users.[2] The Jackets, known as "Armaments Service Undersuits",[3] generally have dark colors with armors on chest and shoulders (e.g. dark blue undersuit with turquoise belt, black undersuit with red belt). Vita's version is dark red undersuit with maroon shoulders.

Notable Subdivisions[edit | edit source]

  • Midchilda Capital Air Force[4] (ミッドチルダ首都航空隊 Middochiruda Shuto Kōkūtai) is the air force unit stationed in and around Cranagan, Midchilda. Tiida Lanster was a member of the Capital Air Force until his death.
    • 14th-Team[4] (第14部隊 Dai Jūyon Butai): Signum is the Sub-Commander before transferring to Riot Force 6. She re-joins the team after the dissolution of Riot Force 6, bringing in Agito as her assistant.
    • Transportation Group[4] (運輸部 Unyu Bu): Vice Granscenic and Alto Krauetta are assigned to its 2nd Squad (第2班 Dai Ni Han) before transferring to Riot Force 6. On another hand, Lucino Liilie's TSAB ID Card wrongly states that she is a member of this group, as she should be instead under the Sailing Force (as a crew member of Arthra) before transferring to Riot Force 6.
  • Administrative Bureau Air Force 1321[4] (1321航空隊)[6] is the unit Vita is assigned to before transferring to Riot Force 6.
  • Midchilda Air Force 2038 (2038航空隊)[7] is the unit of which Griffith Lowran is the Traffic Communication Leader before transferring to Riot Force 6.

Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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