Air Liner
Nove casting multiple Air Liners
Nove casting multiple Air Liners
Spell profile
Primary casterNove
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
Japanese nameエアライナー
(Ea Rainā)
First app.StrikerS (ep.17)
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Air Liner (エアライナー Ea Rainā) is a component of Nove's Inherent Skill Break Liner. Presumably inherited via Quint Nakajima's DNA, it is a non-magical version of Subaru and Ginga Nakajima's Wing Road spell, and the "road" created is shaped after the IS Tape.

In the TV version of ViVid anime, a Belkan Triangle is shown under Nove's feet. However, it is changed back to an IS Template in the BRD edition, indicating Air Liner still relies on Nove's Combat Cyborg energy by the time of ViVid. In addition, a Midchildan Circle is mistakenly shown under Nove's feet in ViVid (ch.4).

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