World profile
Other namesAlhazred
Japanese nameアルハザード
First app.Nanoha (mentioned)

Al-Hazard (アルハザード Aruhazādo) is both a lost world and its native civilization whose enormous scientific and magical advancements predate even the Ancient Belka. Regarded as a myth in modern times, it is still sought after by some, thanks to its rumored miracles.


The proper spelling is not revealed. Al-Hazard may be a reference to the El-Hazard anime franchise of the late 1990s.

In Cthulhu Mythos, Abdul Alhazred is the author of the Necronomicon.

In NanohaEdit

The original Nanoha series revolved around Precia Testarossa's plan to collect all 21 Jewel Seeds and harness their power to open a portal to Al-Hazard, where she hoped to be able to resurrect her dead daughter Alicia. Fans speculate that Precia, who has gone MIA in the end of the first season, may have reached Al-Hazard, after all.