Armour Jacket
Armour Jacket
Spell profile
Primary casterIsis Egret
Magic systemFuel battery-driven
Japanese nameアーマージャケット
(Āmā Jaketto)
First app.Force (ch.9)
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Armour Jacket[1] (アーマージャケット Āmā Jaketto) is a Barrier Jacket-like defensive costume worn by Isis Egret. Although it looks like the Barrier Jackets, it is generated differently from fuel batteries.

It cannot be confirmed if it is a defensive spell like Barrier Jacket or a Device-like equipment like Shell Coat. Although Isis calls "Armour Jacket, on!" to set up it and Perfume Grab, it is generated by the secret fuel-battery unit (while the Perfume Grab is driven by that unit). This is similar to a mage using mana to form the Barrier Jacket, so it is tentatively classified as a defensive spell. In addition, no standby form is shown before the setup.

In addition to the functions of a defensive costume, Armour Jacket highlights the function to enhance the physical abilities of Isis.

References[edit | edit source]

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