An Artificial Mage (人造魔導師 Jinzō Madōshi) is a human being artificially enhanced through mostly surgical means or biological manipulation to create a highly compatible base body for augmentation of magical reserves or strong magical control. Ethical concerns and a very low success rate has made the research into it a thing of the past and creation of artificial mages is outlawed by the TSAB.[1]

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Unlike Combat Cyborgs, whose bodies are enhanced from birth, artificial mages are made with the concept of adding potential to a partly developed human being (whether they were a mage or not prior to the treatment is irrelevant).[2] There are different types of artificial mages:

  • The variation that Jail Scaglietti created was based on the Relic weapons of the ancient Belkan Saint Kings, who merged artificial energy crystals with their Linker Cores to freely draw upon its energy. Ordinarily, only the Saint kings could use these energy crystals, but Jail's research focused on finding a mass producible core as well as compatible subjects so he could make improvements to the process. Zest Grangaitz and Lutecia Alpine were the result of his research into the Relic weapons.[3]
  • The highly illegal Project Fate aimed to produce ideal copies of living or dead mages by cloning them and transferring their memories and personalities to the clones. The project was spearheaded by Jail Scaglietti, whose work was then completed and perfected by Precia Testarossa.

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