Device profile
Other namesTio
MasterEinhard Stratos
CreatorHayate Yagami (AI)
Reinforce Zwei (Unit Base)
Agito (Overcoat)
Magic systemAncient Belka
HandlingAuxiliary control
Japanese nameアスティオン
First app.ViVid (ch.19)
Voiced byKana Asumi
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Asteion (アスティオン Asution) is an autonomous-action type Intelligent Device created by the Yagami family for Einhard Stratos in ViVid.


Asteion (αστειον) means "refined" in Greek. This name originally belonged to the stillborn baby of a pair of snow leopards belonging to Claus Ingvalt, Einhard's ancestor, and was picked by Olivie Sägebrecht.

Einhard has nicknamed her Device Tio (ティオ Tio). Wendi Nakajima has also nicknamed Asteion Neko-nyan; neko is Japanese for "cat" while nyan is a combination of nya (Japanese for "meow") and Japanese honorifics.


Asteion appears primarily alongside Einhard in ViVid and ViVid Strike!

It makes its debut in the house of the Yagami family. Its outer coating, designed by Agito, resembles a plush snow leopard, honoring the snow leopards of Shutra that were bred as soldiers and fighters by Claus' family. Upon its first setup, it changes the hairstyle of the adult-mode Einhard.


Like Sacred Heart, Asteion does not change its form when activated. It may be absorbed into Einhard's body when activated to perform better auxiliary control.[1]

As commented by Dieci Nakajima and Viktoria Dahlgrun, Asteion is specialised in damage mitigation and recovery assistance,[2] but not in attack support.[3]


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