Balmung in Detonation
Spell profile
Primary casterHayate Yagami
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameバルムンク
First app.Battle of Aces
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Balmung (バルムンク Barumunku) is a shooting attack possessed by Hayate Yagami in the portable continuity. Notably, she has never cast nor been described as capable of such attack in the primary continuity.

The projectile of Balmung shapes like a sword. It can be fired as a non-guided (but not really aimed) attack over an area as barrage, or added a homing effect to make it a guided attack.


Balmung is, in The Nibelungenlied, an alternate name for Gram, the sword wielded by Sigurd in Norse mythology.

Notable usesEdit

  • Balmung is one of Hayate's long-range shooting attacks in The Battle of Aces. The basic version fires five projectiles over an obtuse angle like a hand-fan-shaped barrage, while the charged version fires from her back eight projectiles that home at the opponent with different trajectory angles out of sight. In The Gears of Destiny, they become six and twelve projectiles respectively.
  • In Detonation, Hayate casts it against the Iris Unit during their invasion in Tokyo.


Brionac Assault

The seven-projectile assault in BoA (left) and GoD (right)

Brionac Assault (ブリューナク・アサルト Buryūnaku Asaruto),[1] presumably misnamed after another shooting spell, is a variation of Balmung, firing seven sword-shaped projectiles to attack a nearby opponent from different angles. It is Hayate's cross-range block attack and cross-range finish B in The Battle of Aces. In The Gears of Destiny, both moves recur without a spell name. The proper spell name may instead be Balmung Assault.


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