Barrier Jacket
Night's End, Journey's End
The Three Aces wearing their iconic Barrier Jackets (Knight Armor in Hayate's case)
Spell profile
Other namesKnight Armor/
Knight Clothing (Belka)
Combat Protective Clothing/
Engage Suit (Eclipse)
Protect Suit/
Formula Suit (Eltria)
Combat Equipment
Magic systemMidchilda, Ancient Belka, Modern Belka, Special (EC), Formula Eltria
Japanese name防護服(バリアジャケット)
(Baria Jaketto)
First app.Nanoha (ep.1)
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Barrier Jacket (防護服(バリアジャケット) Baria Jaketto, lit. Protective Clothing) is an extremely versatile and ubiquitous field-type defensive spell that summons a magical armor protecting a mage from external harm.[1][2] Unlike other protective spells, it is usually auto-cast by the mage's Device upon its activation and only dispelled when it is critically damaged, destroyed, or deactivated by its master. The defensive capacities of Barrier Jackets are very high and allow mages to survive in life-threatening conditions, however, they cannot be completely relied upon for protection.


A Barrier Jacket is summoned when the mage activates their Device (mages who don't have a Device summon it manually) and is accompanied by a bright flash of light. Whatever normal clothes the mage is wearing at the time disappear until the Barrier Jacket is dismissed. It has been shown on at least one occasion that it is possible to activate a Device without summoning the Barrier Jacket, however, any situation requiring the former is also most likely to warrant the latter, anyway.

Technically, a Barrier Jacket consists of multiple layers of barriers and defensive fields.[3] Like other field-type spells, a Barrier Jacket constantly consumes the caster's mana while active. The more defense the Jacket provides, the higher its mana consumption. Alternatively, a Barrier Jacket can be configured to boost the caster's speed at the expense of defense (cf. Fate Testarossa's Sonic Form). Some mages develop multiple Barrier Jacket configurations and switch between them in combat, according to the situation (see Modes below).

Nanoha Takamachi has demonstrated that forcibly dispelling a Barrier Jacket can be used as a last-bid defense against a single attack, which then leaves the mage completely unprotected (see Reacter Purge).


  • Barrier Jacket is the protective clothing cast by mages, i.e. Midchildan system practitioners and most of the Modern Belkan system practitioners. Certain Ancient Belkan martial artists also casts Barrier Jacket with command phrases related to Busō, e.g. Einhard Stratos[4] and Fuka Reventon, probably because they do not act as a knight nor wield a weapon-handling Device.
  • Knight Armor (騎士甲冑 Kishi Kacchū, officially "Knight Armors",[5] lit. "knight armor and helmet"),[6] is the equivalent of Barrier Jacket cast by knights (most Ancient Belkan system practitioners). In the Belkan ages, its equivalent took form of armor sets, as confirmed by The MOVIE 2nd A's and Vita's flashback in ViVid chapter ex.
  • Knight Clothing (騎士服 Kishi Fuku, officially "Knight Clothes",[5] also translated as "Knight's Garb") is a lighter variation of the Knight Armor. While it does not provide maximum protection, Knight Clothing allows for more agile maneuvering. The Wolkenritter wear these lighter variations with only a few armored pieces, since they were designed by Hayate.[6] The same applies to Reinforce Zwei.[7] Certain Modern Belkan system practitioners maintaining a Knight/Ritter rank instead of a Mage/Zauber also cast Knight Clothing instead of Barrier Jackets, e.g. Schach Nouera.[8]
  • Combat Protective Clothing (戦闘防護服 Sentō Bōgyo Fuku) is the equivalent defense cast by Eclipse Drivers. It is knitted using the energies of the Divider.[9]
  • Engage Suit (エンゲージスーツ Engēji Sūtsu) is the Combat Protective Clothing auto-equipped by the Stroseks when they are Engaged with their "formal Drivers" who cast Combat Protective Clothings,[10] bearing similarities with the Driver's.
  • Protect Suit (プロテクトスーツ Purotekuto Sūtsu) is the protective clothing equipped by Amitie and Kyrie Florian, practitioners of Formula Eltria, in the portable continuity.
  • Formula Suit (フォーミュラスーツ Fōmyura Sūtsu) is the protective clothing equipped by Amitie and Kyrie Florian, practitioners of Formula Eltria, in the movie continuity.
  • Battle Clothing (戦闘装備 Sentō Sōbi, lit. Battle Equipment, officially "Battle Clothes"[5]) is considered as a general term for unnamed or unclassified protective clothings. Reinforce casts Battle Clothing as defense.[4] Thoma Avenir's basic Combat Protective Clothing was also once referred as Battle Clothing.[11] Olivie Sägebrecht also used Battle Clothing (戦装備 Ikusa Sōbi, lit. Battle Equipment) in the Belkan era.[12] Sieglinde Eremiah's protective clothing, despite with Busō as command phrase, is referred to as Eremian Battle Clothing in the ViVid-crossover cards in INNOCENT.

There is also non-magical protective clothing like Isis Egret's Armor Jacket‎‎. Additionally, some Device-like equipment, especially of wearable-type, can function as protective clothing, e.g. Silver Cape and Shell Coat.


Barrier Jackets are highly customizable. In addition to outward appearance, mages can tweak the spell's specs and parameters to better suit their preferred combat styles. Some mages design further Jacket forms or modes in addition to their default ones, so they can switch between them to quickly adapt to the battle at hand. Throughout the series, following alternative modes have been identified:

CasterMagic systemAlternative modes
Thoma AvenirSpecial (EC)
Black Knight
Mikaya ChevelleModern BelkaStorm Armor
Yuri EberweinAncient BelkaPurple Sky Attire
Purple Sky Attire (Red)
Amitie FlorianFormula EltriaProtect Suit
Formula Suit
Teana LansterMid-ChildaStars Style
Material-DAncient BelkaDiabolique
Material-LMidchildaSlash Suit
Slash Suit "Sprite Form"
Material-SMidchildaHeat Suit
Phil MaxwellFormulaMaxwell
Erio MondialModern BelkaLightning Style
Subaru NakajimaModern Belka
Special (IS)
Stars Style
Caro Ru LusheMid-ChildaLightning Style
Einhard StratosAncient BelkaArmed Form
Nanoha TakamachiMidchildaSacred Mode
Aggressor Mode
Exceed Mode
Exelion Mode/+ Modified
Fortress Mode/Formula Mode/Formula II
Els TasminMidchildaBlack Justice
Fate TestarossaMidchildaLightning Form
Impulse Form
Sonic/True Sonic Form
Blaze Form/+ II/III
Hayate YagamiAncient BelkaKnight Armor Modified


Some examples of Barrier Jacket or Knight Armor designs:


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