Battle Range (戦闘距離 Sentō Kyori) indicates the battle distance between mages, or effective distance of spells.

Ranges[edit | edit source]

Cross Range (クロスレンジ Kurosu Renji)[1]
The range for close quarters combat. High precision shooting is difficult and ineffective at this range.[2] Mages, particularly strikers, may even enter Zero Range (密着状態(ゼロレンジ) Zero Renji)[3] in infights.
Middle Range (ミドルレンジ Midoru Renji)
The range for high-speed (aerial) shooting battles, where it is difficult to predict all projectile trajectories. Projectile speed, mage agility, proper cross-range shifting, and a wide variety of countermeasures are important.[2]
Long Range (ロングレンジ Rongu Renji)
The range dominated by high-speed powerful bombardments, isolated spells, and wide-area attacks. Power output and spell range (effective distance) are emphasized the most. In contrast, shooting spells are no longer decisive due to visible trajectory and diminishing power.[2]
Out Range (アウトレンジ Auto Renji)
The range generally out of battle distance due to the difficulty to see or sight the opponent. When used subjectively, it refers to the range at which only oneself can deliver attacks, while the opponent cannot. The ideal tactic for shooting and bombardment mages is to attack the opponent from outside of their own range.[2]

In the games[edit | edit source]

In the game system of The Battle of Aces and The Gears of Destiny, only Cross Range and Long Range are identified, whereas Mid Range and Out Range are considered part of Long Range or occasionally, Cross Range.

References[edit | edit source]

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