"Battle Technique Disclosure Fair"
"Battle Technique Disclosure Fair"
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MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS THE COMICS
Chapter#15 (equivalent)
Japanese title「戦技披露会」
(Sengi Hirōkai)
PublishedJuly 30, 2009
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After Days "Battle Technique Disclosure Fair" (「戦技披露会」 Sengi Hirōkai) is a special chapter of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS THE COMICS, published on July 30, 2009, over one and a half years after the original manga's conclusion.

Short summary[edit | edit source]

Some time after StrikerS, Nanoha and Signum face off against each other in a spectacular mock battle that ends in a draw.

Long summary[edit | edit source]

An unspecified time after StrikerS, a Battle Technique Disclosure Fair (an event similar to an air show) is organized by the TSAB Armed Forces, where Nanoha and Signum participate as guest stars of the final mock battle. Hayate provides live commentary alongside Serena Earls, while Fate is on the emergency response team. The battle duration is set to one 25 minutes-long round. The starting distance between combatants is set to 200 meters (so neither the mage, nor the knight can end the battle in a single strike) and there is no restriction on cartridge use.

Upon entering the arena, Nanoha and Signum telepathically agree on a 20 minutes-long show before going at each other for real. Nanoha opens the battle with a Cross Fire, which Signum dodges and replies with a Purple Lightning Flash. Nanoha blocks it with a massive Round Shield. Signum counters an Axel Shooter with a Gust Raging Fire and the former's last missile, with Laevatein's sheath.

In the second phase, Nanoha and Signum demonstrate aerial dogfighting, with Nanoha activating the Blaster One mode. As soon as the 20 minutes are over, the real battle begins. Signum charges at Nanoha, slicing though incoming missiles, but Nanoha captures her with a Chain Bind and fires a Maneuver Shooting Star Assault. Signum blocks it with a Panzerschild, breaks the binds (losing most of her armor), and retaliates with Sturmfalken. Nanoha barely dodges, and fires a Divine Buster at point blank range while Signum unleashes a Luminous Fang attack. Shamal deems the situation too dangerous, and Fate launches to interfere but too late. Both attacks score direct hits.

When dust settles, Signum is still conscious and unharmed, while Nanoha, though conscious, relies on Fate to stand up. The battle is declared a draw. Afterwards, the Aces discuss the battle. Like the original manga, the chapter closes on a group photo, only this time mainly the Yagami and Takamachi families are on it.

Continuity[edit | edit source]

The "Battle Technique Disclosure Fair" was first mentioned in chapter 10, page 19, when Signum recounts a past mock battle against Nanoha. The battle in this chapter, however, seems to be a rematch, since some of Numbers are among the audience who couldn't have been present at the previous battle between Nanoha and Signum.

Another Battle Technique Disclosure Fair is shown in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid chapters 87 through 90, this time with Vivio Takamachi participating in the show.

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Character appearances[edit | edit source]

The final panel of this chapter seems to be the only instance when Zafira appeared in his human form in both the StrikerS anime and the StrikerS manga.

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