Bible of Silver Cross
Bible of Silver Cross
Device profile
MasterThoma Avenir (Lily-Strosek)
Curren Hückebein (?)
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
TypeEC Reactor
Japanese name銀十字の書
(Ginjūji no Sho)
First app.Force (ch.0)
Voiced byAsuka Tanii (GoD)
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For the namesake energy-attack, please refer to this article.

The Bible of Silver Cross[1] (銀十字の書 Ginjūji no Sho) is a tome accompanying Lily-Strosek, and is an EC Reactor associated with Eclipse and Divider. It might be a Lost Logia around which Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force revolves, as it is described in the prologue as "one of the unerasable histories at the Ancient Belka wartime".


The Bible of Silver Cross first appears in the prologue chapter of Force, being an image seen on a computer screen. In ch.1, it floats aside Thoma after he and Lily engage for the first time. Later in ch.3, it appears when Thoma summons Divider-996 accidentally. In ch.4, it appears aside Lily while Thoma fights Veyron in a church.

During the battle between Special Duty Section 6 and Hückebein, it accompanies Thoma in casting various powerful spells until ch.14, when it sustains a great amount of damage from Fate T. Harlaown's unnamed shooting spell and Jet Zanber, which are strong enough to break it into pieces.

Besides the Bible possessed by Thoma and Lily, in ch.2, Teana Lanster shows an image of a similar book to a witness who confirms that it was carried by a woman who attacked her village in Easter. However, that may be a Replica Reactor created by the Vandein Corporation.

In addition, Curren Hückebein also holds a Bible of similar appearance as weapon, which is indigo white instead of black in color. Its details are yet to be revealed.


The Bible of Silver Cross is in fact a weapon control system to protect the driver by eliminating enemies. It cannot be controlled solely by the driver but collectively with the general control unit, i.e. the Strosek.[2] By exercising control over Divider-996, it can also activate the Zero Effect.

Besides the system, its pages can also be used as attacks or shield-like defenses.


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