The Blaster System (ブラスターシステム Burasutā Shisutemu) is a power-up system that Nanoha Takamachi utilizes in StrikerS. As Quattro explains, it is an experimental booster that far surpasses the physical limits of the user's body. It greatly enhances Nanoha's offensive and defensive powers, at the cost of her and Raising Heart's lives. Each progressive increase in power causes physical damage to Nanoha and Raising Heart - Blaster One and Two appear to be relatively safe if used for short periods of time, though Raising Heart steams afterwards and Nanoha's weapon hand bleeds. Blaster Three on the other hand causes visible cracks to form on Raising Heart and leaves Nanoha unable to walk without using Raising Heart as a crutch. It appears that unlike Excelion Mode, damage from Blaster Mode is treatable afterward, as Nanoha is fine by the end of the next episode. It is unknown if the Blaster modes must be activated in order or if Nanoha can skip directly to the final mode as needed.

In Force, Hayate Yagami also displays the ability to use the Blaster System while casting Heimdall; her version of the system may be installed in the Tome of the Night Sky.[1]

Levels[edit | edit source]

Blaster One
A temporary booster for the next or the current attack. It gives Exelion Buster enough power to overcome Dieci's S-class energy bullets with far less time than it takes her Inherent Skill, Heavy Barrel, to even charge up in episodes 23 of StrikerS.
Blaster Two
Also known as Blaster Second. Used to create two Blaster Bits, and hold Vivio within Nanoha's Crystal Cage attack in episode 25 of StrikerS. However this only lasted for a short while as Vivio managed to break the cage in a matter of seconds.
Blaster Three
Used by Nanoha and four Blaster Bits to fire the Divine Buster attack with enough power to blast through all the walls from the Saint's Cradle's throne room to its deepest area despite the presence of an extremely potent Anti Magic Field; and later to fire five Starlight Breakers at once and finally end Vivio's struggle (StrikerS, episode 25). Although Nanoha exclaims "Zenryoku Zenkai!" (Japanese: "Full Power! Full Throttle!") before casting the Starlight Breaker, it is not indicative of the Blaster System's mode, as she uses that phrase in A's during the final battle as well.

The Blaster Bits created by Blaster Two and Blaster Three seem to be a literal multiplication of power, as they will execute the same moves as Raising Heart with equal force.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Force 13: Like Nanoha in StrikerS, Hayate's fingers touching the book bleed when Blaster System is activated.
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