Brunzel in its Standby Form
Brunzel in its Standby Form
Device profile
MasterCorona Timil
CreatorLutecia Alpine
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameブランゼル
First app.ViVid (ch.12)
Voiced byKaoru Edo
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Brunzel (ブランゼル Buranzeru) is an Intelligent Device created for Corona Timil by Lutecia Alpine in ViVid.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Brunzel appears primarily in ViVid and ViVid Strike!

Brunzel provides enough support for Corona's Creation spell, so that she can create and manipulate a huge golem instead of a small puppet.

Forms[edit | edit source]

DeviceGrid Brunzel.png
Forms Description
Standby Form Takes the form of a yellow teardrop gem with a rose-shaped and five rhombic crystals, usually worn as a pendant.
Tact Form Takes the form of a dagger. However, Corona does not really use it for melee attacks, but like a talisman or staff to direct her spells.
Wristlet Form Takes the form of a wristlet on Corona's left wrist, so that her hands are free for Strike/Meist Arts combat.

First seen in ViVid (ch.29).

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