Caging Circle
Caging Circle
Caging Circle imprisoning NachtWal
Spell profile
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Magic systemMidchilda
CategoryForce field
TypeCircle (?)
Japanese nameケイジングサークル
(Keijingu Sākuru)
First app.The MOVIE 2nd A's
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Caging Circle (ケイジングサークル Keijingu Sākuru) is a force field spell of Yuuno Scrya to imprison the opponent within the space surrounded by the mana ring.[1] Despite the classification, in substance it is also a cage-type capture spell with strong capturing ability.

Notable usesEdit

In The MOVIE 2nd A's, Yuuno casts this spell to imprison the Eroded Form of NachtWal on the spot, so that his allies can better disarm and destroy it.


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