Caledfwlch Techniques
Caledfwlch Techniques
Caledfwlch Techniques' office on Midchilda
Organization profile
Other namesCaledfwlch Company (movie)
TypePrivate enterprise
Japanese nameカレドヴルフ・テクニクス
(Karedovurufu Tekunikusu)
First app.Force (ch.15)
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Caledfwlch Techniques (カレドヴルフ・テクニクス Karedovurufu Tekunikusu) is a Vaizen-based manufacturer of armament and a subcontractor of the Administrative Bureau, first introduced in Force.

In the movie continuity, it is first introduced in Reflection as a private enterprise known as Caledfwlch Company (カレドヴルフ社 Karedovurufu Sha). Its background therein is similar to the primary continuity, despite 14 years earlier.


The company's name is derived from Caledfwlch, the Welsh name for Excalibur.


In addition to its main branch on Vaizen, Caledfwlch also has an office on Midchilda.[1]


Primary continuity Edit

Caledfwlch Techniques are responsible for creating the AEC Armament series and the Raptor units. Specific items manufactured by Caledfwlch include:

Caledfwlch also produces a lot of civilian equipment, e.g. over a half of Steed's components were manufactured by them.[1]

Movie continuity Edit

In the movies, Caledfwlch Company produces the EM Equipment line for the Bureau instead:


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