Carim Gracia
Carim Gracia
Carim in StrikerS
Character profile
Other namesKnight Carim
FamilyVerossa Acous (half-brother)
AffiliationSaint Church
Administrative Bureau
RankMajor General
OccupationChurch Knight
Administrative Bureau Director
SystemAncient Belka
Japanese nameカリム・グラシア
(Karimu Gurashia)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.2)
Voiced byNao Takamori
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Carim Gracia (カリム・グラシア Karimu Gurashia) is a Church Knight of the Saint Church and a member of the Administrative Bureau's board of directors.


Her family name is presumably a reference to the Toyota Camry Gracia.

She also has a honorific title as "Knight Carim" (騎士カリム Kishi Karimu), similar to "Knight Zest".

In StrikerSEdit

In StrikerS, Carim is one of Riot Force 6's strong supporters, and is viewed as a sister-figure by Hayate Yagami. Along with Chrono Harlaown, she holds the right to release the limiter on Hayate's mage rank.

In ViVidEdit

Carim appears in ViVid (ch.3) / ViVid anime (ep.1), when Cinque Nakajima reports the Hegemon-related assaults to her. Carim suspects that this person may target Ixpellia, currently under the Church's care, and decides to reinforce her security.

Later, she also appears to encourage Chantez Apinion after she has lost her Intermiddle match against Viktoria Dahlgrun.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Although Carim does not make any appearance in the portable continuity, she is presumably the "Prophet Knight (予言騎士 Yogen Kishi) of the Saint Church" mentioned by Chrono and the Liese twins in The Gears of Destiny (Sequence 06), as well as the "kind and admirable (older) sister of the Church" who can advise about her future mentioned by the Liese twins to Hayate.


Like her half-brother Verossa Acous, she's a practitioner of the Ancient Belka magic system and possesses a Rare Skill, Prophetinschriften.


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