Chain Bind
Yuuno and Alph casting Chain Bind
Spell profile
Primary casterYuuno Scrya
Nanoha Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameチェーンバインド
(Chēn Baindo)
First app.Nanoha (ep.9)
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Chain Bind (チェーンバインド Chēn Baindo) is a binding spell, in which magic chains are generated from a magic circle to immobilise the target. It is primarily cast by Yuuno Scrya and Alph in the early series.

In addition to chaining up the target, the caster can further use the chain to pull the target towards himself/herself, or otherwise drag it into a preferred position. It can even cut through physical objects if "pulled" hard enough.

Notable usesEdit

Possible uses of the spell are noted as follows:


  • Chain Anchor (チェーンアンカー Chēn Ankā) is the charged variation of Chain Bind used by Yuuno in The Gears of Destiny. After successfully binding the opponent, Yuuno further uses the chain to pull himself towards them, c/w pulling the bound target towards the caster with Chain Bind.
  • Arrester Chain (アレスターチェーン Aresutā Chēn) is Yuuno's Full Drive Burst attack in The Gears of Destiny. For game visual effects, after hitting the opponent with a chain trigger, Yuuno recites an aria and releases two pairs of chains from two Midchildan Circles generated at his palms to bind the opponent. He then pulls the chains to cause them explode and crush the opponent.
  • In The Gears of Destiny, Yuuno can also use the mana chains to physically assault an opponent in cross-range combat, rather than bind. Occasionally he shoots them out like spears rather than swinging them around like lashes.
  • Binding Shield is a special combination of Chain Bind and Round Shield developed by Nanoha by the time of ViVid.


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