Tre, Quattro, Cinque

Cinque, Quattro, and Tre at the scene of the massacre they had perpetrated

The Combat Cyborg Incident was a combat engagement between a TSAB investigation team led by Zest Grangaitz and Jail Scaglietti's Combat Cyborgs in 0067. The TSAB team was obliterated with only Megane Alpine surviving the ambush. Investigator Quint Nakajima and Zest Grangaitz himself were killed, though the latter was brought back to life as an Artificial Mage.

Late in StrikerS, it is revealed that General Regius Gaiz of TSAB Ground Forces, a long-time friend and companion of Zest, knew about the ambush but didn't warn him and later allowed Scaglietti use Zest as a prototype Artificial Mage in return for Scaglietti's weapons.