Crimson Slash
Crimson Slash in The Gears of Destiny
Crimson Slash in The Gears of Destiny
Spell profile
Primary casterThoma Avenir
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese nameクリムゾンスラッシュ
(Kurimuzon Surasshu)
First app.Force (ch.20)
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Crimson Slash (クリムゾンスラッシュ Kurimuzon Surasshu) is a strong shooting attack cast by Thoma Avenir when he is React-Engaged with Lily-Strosek.

As portraited in The Gears of Destiny, Crimson Slash launches a strong blade-shaped projectile/shockwave in a slash in the mid-range. The launch is a utilization of the divide effect of Dividers.[1]

Notable uses[edit | edit source]

  • In Force (ch.20), Thoma (React-Engaged) casts it against the Luminous Dragon attack of Signum (Unisoned with Reinforce Zwei) during their mock battle.
  • In Force (ch.22), Thoma (React-Engaged) attempts to attack Kurt Grendel with Crimson Slash,[2] but Kurt blocks Thoma's Divider-996 and breaks it with Divide Break before Crimson Slash is launched.
  • Crimson Slash is also adapted in The Gears of Destiny as one of React-Engaged Thoma's long-range attacks.

References[edit | edit source]

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