Cross Mirage
Cross Mirage
Device profile
Other namesXC-03
MasterTeana Lanster
CreatorShario Finieno
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameクロスミラージュ
(Kurosu Mirāju)
First app.StrikerS (ep.4)
Voiced byJamie Schyy
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Cross Mirage (クロスミラージュ Kurosu Mirāju) is an Intelligent Device created for Teana Lanster by Shario Finieno (Riot Force 6) in StrikerS.

Name[edit | edit source]

In StrikerS opening theme one, Cross Mirage is coded XC-03.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Teana wielding Cross Mirage in Blazer Mode

Cross Mirage is featured prominently in StrikerS, StrikerS manga and Sound Stage X. He also appears briefly alongside Teana in ViVid and Force. A toy water pistol version of Cross Mirage also appears in ViVid as bathroom toy.

Cross Mirage becomes Teana's primary Device after her original Anchor Gun suffers from various problems. In particular, he is able to augment her mana-consuming illusion spells.

Cross Mirage's Mode 3, i.e. Blazer Mode, makes its first proper appearance in StrikerS Sound Stage X, though its existence is known to Teana as early as in StrikerS. She has chosen not to use it then, however, believing that she does not have enough time to practice using it, as other trainings take priority for her.[1]

Forms[edit | edit source]

Forms Description
Standby Mode
Taiki Mōdo)
Cross Mirage's Standby Mode takes the form of a card.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.4).

Guns Mode
Ganzu Mōdo)
A pair of handguns with laser-sights installed. The guns are sometimes held in Teana's holsters.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.5).

Dagger Mode
Dagā Mōdo)
Mana blades extend from the barrels of the guns, turning them into cross range weapons. In addition to the main blade, a curved band connects the end of the grip and the guard, protecting the knuckles. It has several spikes on it, reminscend of an oversized Mark I trench knife.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.9); aka Mode 2 in Riot Force 6.

Blazer Mode
Bureizā Mōdo)
A larger version of the handgun, which is specially designed for long-range battles. This form is capable of casting powerful bombardment spells like Starlight Breaker. Like Dagger Mode, this mode is implemented with Teana's desired career as an independent Investigator in mind.

First mentioned in StrikerS (Sound Stage 03) and seen in Sound Stage X; aka Mode 3 in Riot Force 6.

Functions[edit | edit source]

Upgrades Description
Cartridge System Cartridge System with a unique reloading and consuming system. Teana puts the guns into the holsters to reload.
Cartridge Barrel
Kātorijji Bareru)
4-cartridge magazines used for reloading. 8 cartridges at most can be reloaded at the same time.
One-Hand Mode Cross Mirage normally appears as a pair of handguns, but can also be reduced to just one handgun in this "one-hand mode". It is usually used when casting high-level spells or performing precise snipes. It is applicable to both Guns and Dagger Mode; the combination of one handgun and one dagger is also possible.
Anchor Shot
Ankā Shotto)
An enhanced version of Anchor Gun's function, using a mana wire. The laser-sight is used in pinpointing the target point.

First seen in StrikerS (ep.7).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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