The new Device classification introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid assigns Devices to three categories, according to how they are handled by their masters: Weapon-type, Wearable-type, and Auxiliary control-type.[1]


Weapon-type (武器型 Buki Kata) Devices are wielded like proper weapons in combat. They were the earliest type to appear in the Nanoha series (Raising Heart).

NameDevice typeMaster
Anchor GunStorage DeviceTeana Lanster
BardicheIntelligent DeviceFate Testarossa
Blaue TrombeArmed DeviceViktoria Dahlgrun
Boomerang BladeInherent EquipmentSette
BrunzelIntelligent DeviceCorona Timil
Cross MirageIntelligent DeviceTeana Lanster
Defenser (equipment)EM EquipmentNanoha Takamachi
Hayate Yagami
Divider-695EC DividerDeVille of Hückebein
Divider-718EC DividerArnage of Hückebein
Divider-928EC DividerVeyron of Hückebein
Divider-944EC DividerCypha of Hückebein
Divider-996EC DividerThoma Avenir
Divider-VC9Replica DividerDigo
Divider-VC11Replica DividerMatti
Divider-VG4Replica DividerQuinn Garland
DurandalStorage DeviceChrono Harlaown
Lindy Harlaown
Enormous CannonInherent EquipmentDieci
Formula CannonEM Equipment
FortressAEC Armament
EM Equipment
Nanoha Takamachi
Hayate Yagami
FoschiaClaire Lagreat
Generic DeviceStorage DeviceVice Granscenic
Fate Testarossa
Hayate Yagami
GladiatorAEC ArmamentSignum
Graf EisenArmed DeviceVita
HalberdEM EquipmentFate Testarossa
Hell GazerFabia Crozelg
Impulse BladeInherent EquipmentTre
JavelinAEC ArmamentIsis Egret
Teana Lanster
König-09EC ReactorCypha of Hückebein
LaevateinArmed DeviceSignum
OxtongueAEC ArmamentTeana Lanster
PhantasmaArmed DeviceChantez Apinion
Pile SmasherEM EquipmentNanoha Takamachi
Presea's DevicePresea Testarossa
Proto CannonEM EquipmentVita
Proto EM SwordEM EquipmentSignum
PunisherEls Tasmin
Raising HeartIntelligent DeviceNanoha Takamachi
Red HawkHarry Tribeca
Riding BoardInherent EquipmentWendi
RodEM EquipmentHayate Yagami
Chrono Harlaown
S2 ShieldAEC ArmamentCaro Ru Lushe
S2UStorage DeviceChrono Harlaown
SchwertkreuzArmed DeviceHayate Yagami
SeiranArmed DeviceMikaya Chevelle
Silver DaggerDevice-like equipmentRunessa Magnus
SolfègeIntelligent DeviceRio Wesley
StingerInherent EquipmentCinque
Storm RaiderIntelligent DeviceVice Granscenic
... further results


Wearable-type (装着型 Sōchaku Kata) Devices are worn on the body like pieces of clothing or armor. Some translations refer to them as "Armored Devices". They were the second type to appear in the series (Klarwind).

NameDevice typeMaster
AsclepiusBoost DeviceLutecia Alpine
Megane Alpine
Blast ClawDevice-like equipmentMaterial-S
Blitz CaliberIntelligent DeviceGinga Nakajima
BrunzelIntelligent DeviceCorona Timil
Claw GloveDevice-like equipmentVeyron of Hückebein
FortressAEC Armament
EM Equipment
Nanoha Takamachi
Hayate Yagami
GauntletEM EquipmentZafira
Gun KnuckleInherent EquipmentNove
Jet EdgeInherent EquipmentNove
KerykeionBoost DeviceCaro Ru Lushe
KlarwindArmed DeviceShamal
Mach CaliberIntelligent DeviceSubaru Nakajima
Perfume GloveDevice-like equipmentIsis Egret
Periscope EyeInherent EquipmentSein
Piercing NailInherent EquipmentDue
Revolver KnuckleArmed DeviceSubaru Nakajima
Ginga Nakajima
Quint Nakajima
Scaglietti's DeviceJail Scaglietti
Self-made RollerbladesDevice-like equipmentSubaru Nakajima
Shell CoatInherent EquipmentCinque
Silver CapeInherent EquipmentQuattro
Soul WingsDevice-like equipmentYuri Eberwein
Star SaberIntelligent DeviceMiura Rinaldi
Stealth JacketInherent EquipmentOtto
Sword BreakerAEC ArmamentSubaru Nakajima
Yumina's DeviceYumina Enclave

Auxiliary control-typeEdit

Auxiliary control-type (補助制御型 Hojo Seigyo Kata) Devices merely enhance their master's magic without being used in combat directly. They are known as "assist and control type" in some translations. All Unison Devices and Stroseks belong to this type by default. They were the latest type to appear in the Nanoha series (Book of Darkness/Reinforce).


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