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Divide Zero
Divide Zero
Spell profile
Primary casterThoma Avenir
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese nameディバイド・ゼロ
(Dibaido Zero)
First app.Force (ch.1)
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Divide Zero (ディバイド・ゼロ Dibaido Zero) is a powerful spell cast by Thoma Avenir with his Divider in the first chapter of Force.

It is a Bombardment spell that has high penetrating and destructive power, comparable to Nanoha Takamachi's Divine Buster Extension. Even the people and vehicles outside the beam are affected, incapable to act. However, unlike Divine Buster, the casting time appears to be instant and, as noted by Thoma later, there is no recoil.


The name of the spell may be both a reference to the Device's name ("Divider") and to division by zero. Due to the nature of Eclipse it may also be a reference to the character Zero of Code Geass.

Notable uses[]

  • In chapter 1, Thoma casts it to break out of the facility where Lily was kept.

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