Thoma with his Divider in 2nd Form and the Bible of Silver Cross
Thoma with his Divider in 2nd Form and the Bible of Silver Cross
Device profile
MasterThoma Avenir
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
TypeEC Divider
Japanese nameディバイダー996
(Dibaidā 996)
First app.Force (ch.0)
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Divider-996 (ディバイダー996 Dibaidā 996) is Thoma Avenir's EC Divider in Force. In its first time of use, it refers itself to as EC Divider Code-996. When it is reacted with Thoma and Lily-Strosek (being the Reactor), it is referred as Divider-996 Strosek Reacted "Black Knight".

Force (ch.17), revealed the Vandein Corporation made hundreds of copies of the original, but they were destroyed by Arnage. However, Force (ch.21) further revealed at least one copy survived and is now owned by Hades Vandein, though he claimed it to be imperfect.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Divider-966 appears primarily in Force. "996" and "React STROSEK" are engraved on its body.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Form Description Appearances
The basic form which is half-revolver, half-survival knife. Force (ch.0) — present
Divider-996 2nd Form
(ディバイダー996 第2形態)
The second form when Thoma is in a "simulated React" without any Reactor. A sword-sized form which is silver, black and red in color. It also generates Thoma a buckler shield with blades on his left arm. Force (ch.7) — present
Divider-996 Strosek Reacted
The "complete version" of its 2nd Form, when it is reacted with Lily-Strosek. Force (ch.18) — present

The Device's form bears similarity to a Gunblade from Final Fantasy fame.

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