Divine Buster
Nanoha's Divine Buster in The MOVIE 1st
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Subaru Nakajima
Vivio Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda (Nanoha)
Modern Belka (Subaru/Vivio)
TypeBombardment (Aimed)
RankAAA+ (Divine Buster Extension)[1]
Casting speedC
Japanese nameディバインバスター
(Dibain Basutā)
First app.Nanoha (ep.3)
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Divine Buster (ディバインバスター Dibain Basutā) is one of Nanoha Takamachi's two signature bombardment spells (another being Starlight Breaker). It consists of a large beam of mana launched from Raising Heart, which is capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Divine Buster is first developed by Nanoha and Raising Heart as a bombardment to seal far away Jewel Seeds, but has since been predominantly used as an offensive attack spell.

In StrikerS, Subaru Nakajima has arranged her own Modern Belkan bombardment spell that she named "Divine Buster", commemorating the time when she was saved by Nanoha's Divine Buster during the Coastal Airport 8 fire. Subaru performs the move by creating a sphere of mana in front of her and punching it with her Revolver Knuckle,[2] unlike Nanoha's Divine Buster which is charged and fired by Raising Heart.

It is rare and difficult for Modern Belkan system practitioners to cast such a bombardment,[3] so her version has a much shorter range than Nanoha's, about a dozen meters. Visually, it is a short burst of mana rather than a full beam, and has a similar appearance to Subaru's Inherent Skill Oscillating Breaker used in StrikerS episode 17. The design, pose and execution of Subaru's Divine Buster may be a reference to the Broken Phantom technique used by GaoFighGar.

In ViVid, Vivio Takamachi also displays the ability to cast the shorter-ranged Divine Buster. It is not detailed whether she has learnt it from Subaru, but her version is in substance a high speed bombardment with extremely short charging time (enough to take Einhard Stratos by surprise).[4]

Notable usesEdit


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Divine Buster Extension

  • Divine Buster Full Power (ディバインバスター・フルパワー) is a wide-area aimed bombardment, in other words, an area-of-effect variation of the spell.[5][6]
  • Divine Buster Full Burst (ディバインバスター・フルバースト) is a reactive explosion variation used in Nanoha novel.
  • Divine Buster Extension (ディバインバスター・エクステンション) is developed by Nanoha in A's, being an improved version with a longer range and a targeting reticule/scope.[7][3] It can reach the out range in a flash, without sacrificing its precision, power and barrier-piercing ability.
  • Short Buster (ショートバスター Shōto Basutā) is a variation used in StrikerS. It is weaker but quicker to cast, and can be used even while moving.[8] It is Nanoha's quickest bombardment, used to counter Vivio's Plasma Smasher on The Saint's Cradle.[9]

Variations under the Modern Belkan system:

  • Divine Buster Zero Range (ディバインバスター(ゼロレンジ)) is an evolution of Subaru's spell, cast directly next to the opponent. It has higher power and shorter casting time.[10]
  • Divine Buster A.C.S (ディバインバスターA.C.S) is a different application of the spell, which can break through the opponent's defense with the help of Mach Caliber's Accelerate Charge System.[11]


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