Doom Bringer
Doom Bringer
Doom Bringer in The Gears of Destiny
Spell profile
Primary casterLord Dearche
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameドゥームブリンガー
(Dūmu Buringā)
First app.Battle of Aces
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Doom Bringer (ドゥームブリンガー Dūmu Buringā) is a shooting attack of sword-shaped projectiles possessed by Lord Dearche in the portable continuity. It is in substance a copy of Hayate Yagami's Balmung.


Like some other attacks introduced in The Gears of Destiny, Doom Bringer is considered a reference to the namesake weapon in the Wild Arms game series. It, sometimes spelled as Doombringer, is also a name commonly used for weapons in video games.

Notable usesEdit

  • Doom Bringer is one of Dearche's long-range shooting attacks in The Battle of Aces. The basic version fires five projectiles over an obtuse angle like a hand-fan-shaped barrage, while the charged version fires from her back eight projectiles that home at the opponent with different trajectory angles out of sight. In The Gears of Destiny, it become six projectiles and the charged version is replaced by Majesty of the Lord.
  • In Reflection, Dearche casts it against Hayate during their battle at Allston Sea theme park. Its finish blow is to generate and launch a more enormous projectile.
  • In Detonation, Dearche casts it against Yuri during the soul trio's fight against her.


  • Pain Maker (ペインメイカー Pein Meikā),[1] in substance a copy of Hayate's Brionac Assault, is a variation of Doom Bringer, firing seven sword-shaped projectiles to attack a nearby opponent from different angles. It is Dearche's cross-range block attack and cross-range finish B in The Battle of Aces. Both moves do not recur in The Gears of Destiny.
  • In The Gears of Destiny, Dearche's cross-range EX attack also appears to be a variation of Doom Bringer, firing ten sword-shaped projectiles from an upper angle linearly in front of herself. The command phrase is "Fall!" (落ちよ! Ochiyo!)
Legion of Doom Bringer

Legion of Doom Bringer in INNOCENT

Variations noted in the Brave Duel continuity only:


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