Dragon Soul Summon
Caro summoning Fried's true form
Caro summoning Fried's true form
Spell profile
Primary casterCaro Ru Lushe
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese name竜魂召喚
(Ryūkon Shōkan)
First app.StrikerS (ep.5)
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Dragon Soul Summon (竜魂召喚 Ryūkon Shōkan) is one of Caro Ru Lushe's summoning spells. She uses it to keep Friedrich always by her side and, at the same time, have his true powers available when necessary. With this magic, she can seal away Fried's real form and strength and then temporally summon them back when they are needed (cf. Adult Mode).

On a side note, Soul Summoning is a very advanced summoning spell known only by a few experts.[1]

Notable uses[edit | edit source]

Caro first casts it in StrikerS (ep.5) when she jumps down a cliff to save Erio Mondial.

References[edit | edit source]

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