Amitie's bullets being fired
Amitie's bullets being fired
Spell profile
Other namesEnd Of Destiny
Ex Orbit Diversion
Primary casterAmitie Florian
Magic systemFormula Eltria
Japanese nameE・O・D
(Ī Ō Dī)
First app.Gears of Destiny
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E.O.D (E・O・D Ī Ō Dī) is Amitie Florian's Full Drive Burst attack in The Gears of Destiny.

After striking her opponent with two Fencers for a few times, she changes them back to two Zappers to set around her opponent a large number of bullets, which she fires simultaneously in a second.

Name[edit | edit source]

Amitie usually calls out E.O.D, the official attack name, when using this attack. However, in several special battles in The Gears of Destiny, its name is expanded as End Of Destiny (エンド・オブ・デスティニー Endo Obu Desutinī)[1] and Ex Orbit Diversion (エクス・オービット・ディバージョン Ekusu Ōbitto Dibājon).[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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