EC Divider (ECディバイダー EC Dibaidā) or Eclipse Divider (エクリプスディバイダー Ekuripusu Dibaidā), commonly shortened as Divider, is a type of "Eclipse Weapons", Device-like equipment specialized in nullification of magic. Only individuals infected with Eclipse Virus are able to summon and wield them.

The Dividers, as well as the Bible of Silver Cross, are currently sought by the TSAB Special Duty Section 6. In Force chapter 2, Teana visits a village on Easter that was obliterated by "a man with a weird gun and a girl with a black book". Teana identifies the attacker as an owner of Eclipse Virus.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

Cypha dividing Signum/Agito's magic attack

Divide (結合分断 ketsugō bundan)
Dividers are also known as "Magic Killers" (魔導殺し Madō Koroshi), which is actually the effect of breaking the bonds (programming) of magical energy, similar to the AMF. By this Dividers are able to repel any magical attack and break through any magical defense, making them extremely dangerous to mages. Other than that, the Dividers function pretty much like Armed Devices.

In Force chapter 5, Fortis, Deville, and Veyron of Hückebein discuss the Dividers. According to them, as long as TSAB relies on mages and Hückebein possess the Divider, the former cannot lay a finger on the latter. This implies that the Divider is somehow especially dangerous to those with magical aptitude. Fortis comments that the Divider is a formidable weapon on its own but, according to a certain Curren's take on it, with a Reactor to back it up, it becomes "a poison that can kill the world".

The command phrase to activate the Divider seems to be simply "EC Divider", whereas deactivation command is "Blade Off".[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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