Eclipse (エクリプス Ekuripusu, commonly shortened EC) is an incurable viral infection that afflicts mages and turns them into living weapons. The Zero Effect seems somehow associated with the Eclipse, but their connection is unclear. The biggest danger posed by the virus is that the infected must repeatedly murder other sentient beings to keep its power stable, lest it kills them.


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The exact origins and nature of the Eclipse Virus (ECウィルス Ekuripusu Wirusu) are unknown,[1] but it is believed to have originated in the times of Ancient Belka. Curren Hückebein refers to purported source of the infection as the "Seed of Origin" (原初の種 Gensho no Tane) and believes it to be in possession of Hades Vandein. The infection can be contracted either though contact with the "Seed of Origin", through physical contact with a Reactor (in Thoma's case, Lily), or through a deliberate spread by Eclipse Drivers (like Matti and Digo). The infection kills most ordinary humans almost instantly; mages seem to fare somewhat better.

An Eclipse infectee undergoes several stages of infection before emerging as a fully-fledged "Eclipse Driver". Drivers possess tremendous regenerative abilities, as well as access to Eclipse equipment and various abilities known as "viralizings". On the downside, they become irritable and spiteful, requiring a lot of self-control to avoid attacking everyone on sight, commonly leading to an untimely violent death. Even Drivers who survive long enough eventually succumb to their regenerative abilities, which go out of control and turn them into mindless blobs of meat.


Eclipse Drivers have access to a number of unique equipment pieces, such as Eclipse Weapons (エクリプスウェポン Ekuripusu Wepon) and Reactors.


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EC Dividers are a category of Eclipse Weapons, which are similar to Armed Devices but possess the shared "Magic Killer" function, which dispels any effects or constructs driven by magic.[2] When reacted, the Divider links with the user and changes occur both in its appearance and the inner frame.[3]

The Vandein Corporation also creates Replica Dividers that bear similar powers.


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A Reactor is a construct that, when inserted into an Eclipse infectee's body, brings out their own and their Divider's power to the utmost.[4] They come in many shapes; from devices to humanoids. Humanoid Reactors are known as Stroseks and function akin to Unison Devices.[4] The most commen type of Reactors appear to be "internal Reactors," which are build into the Driver's body and require the user to pierce themselves with their Divider.


Esquad (飛翔戦艇(エスクアッド) Esukuaddo, lit. "Aerial Battleship") is another category of Eclipse Weapons, taking the form of an aerial battleship, e.g. Stella's Esquad Hückebein.[1] A thread-like connection that forms between the latter two is called "Engage Link" (エンゲージリンク Engēji Rinku), and the "threads" are known as "Engage Wire" (エンゲージワイヤー Engēji Waiyā). An Esquad also functions as a Reactor, as the Engage Wire enables the direct connection with the Driver.



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React is the stage when the Reactor is inserted into the Eclipse Driver's body, bring the power of the Driver and Divider to the utmost.


Engage (誓約(エンゲージ) Engēji) is the mental linkage of the Eclipse Driver and a Strosek-series Reactor or an Esquad. Normally the Strosek will be auto-equipped with an Engage Suit, which can strengthen the synchronization and mental connection with the Driver during a React-Engage.

During the first Engage between Thoma and Lily, Thoma's body is affected and "something" happens according to Lily's will.[5] As a result, "Engage Rings" (エンゲージリング Engēji Ringu), ornate bracelets that cannot be removed by normal means, appear on Thoma and Lily's forearms. Their function is unclear.



Thoma and Lily entering React-Engage in The Gears of Destiny

React-Engage (リアクト・エンゲージ Riakuto Engēji) is the unique method of React used by the humanoid React Plug "Stroseks", who then merge with their Drivers into one, to provide support and enhancement in the Drivers' actions. It is similar to a Unison under the Ancient Belkan magic system.

The termination of React-Engage is known as Separate React (分離稼動(セパレートリアクト) Separēto Riakuto),[6] cf. "Unison Out" of Unison Devices.

Alternate continuitiesEdit

The Eclipse Virus seems to have been the inspiration for the "Death Eclipse Polution," which is revealed to have been responsible for the destruction planet Eltria's ecosystem in Detonation.


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