Edelgard Barkas
Character profile
Other namesEddy
Age 14 (ViVid)
Date of birth0065
Japanese nameエーデルガルト・バルカス
(Ēderugaruto Barukasu)
First app.ViVid (ch.84)
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Edelgard Barkas (エーデルガルト・バルカス Ēderugaruto Barukasu) is a teenage martial artist athlete first introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid.


Edelgard is a common German first name, while Barkas is presumably a reference to the Barkas.

She is also nicknamed Eddy (エディ Edi) by her second.

In ViVidEdit

Edelgard is from Barkas Tribe of the boundary Almanac Region. Debuting in ViVid (ch.84), she is, at this timepoint in 0079, the active world champion of U15 combat sports with titles in both USW and WGC championships, and is aiming for a DSAA title as well.[1]

In the 0079 Girls Fight Festival, her first opponent is Einhard Stratos and she has lost in their match.

In ViVid (ch.100), Edelgard is interviewed about the DSAA championship to be held one month later. She therein requests Einhard to be her opponent in her first title defensive battle. As Einhard does not hold an U15 world rank to challenge the champion, Edelgard's side will help to arrange world rank matches for her in the meantime.

One month later, Edelgard has acquired the DSAA U15 (Striker) Champion title and become a triple title holder. As she has wished, she faces off Einhard in her first title defensive battle. The match is decided by knock-out, after Einhard defeats Edelgard with True Hegemon Sky-severing Knuckle, claiming the Champion title.


Edelgard is shown to be a heavy fighter, as she is able to defeat wild animals easily with her bare fists.


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