Enormous Cannon
Enormous Cannon
Dieci charging her Enormous Cannon
Device profile
CreatorJail Scaglietti
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
TypeInherent Equipment
Japanese nameイノーメスカノン
(Inōmesu Kanon)
First app.StrikerS (ep.12)
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Enormous Cannon (イノーメスカノン Inōmesu Kanon), also known as the Snipe Cannon (狙撃砲 Sogeki Hō) is Dieci's Inherent Equipment, resembling a giant recoilless rifle.


Enormous Cannon appears alongside Dieci in StrikerS, StrikerS manga, and Sound Stage X.

It appears that Enormous Cannon didn't have a more compact "standby mode" in StrikerS, seeing how Dieci was often carrying it around even when not in use is high. Furthermore, the Cannon was likely abandoned during the events of episode 12 of StrikerS and then recovered at a later time, since Dieci is not seen carrying it during her escape. After the JS Incident, it was passed to the TSAB Main Branch Engineering Division, but not dissembled.[1]

It is used by Dieci again in Sound Stage X to help fighting the fire, after obtaining the bureau's permission.[2] It is not known if the Enormous Cannon is upgraded to a Device later.


It can be loaded with several types of ammunition:

  • Live Ammo (実弾): Although not used in the series, in setting it is capable of firing live ammo.[1]
  • Energy Bullets (エネルギー弾): Energy bullets and bolts which are generated from Dieci's own energy, using her Heavy Barrel IS.
  • Fire extinguishing agents (消火剤)[2]


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