The Executive Officers[1] (執務官 Shitsumukan, also "Enforcers" or "Commissioned Officers"),[2] are the elite agents of the TSAB, counting among both its top investigators and its most powerful or skilled mages.


The requirements to become an Executive Officer are extremely high because they carry large personal responsibility both in legal matters and in terms of assisting personnel.

A candidate usually spends several years working as an Executive Officer Assistant (執務官補佐 Shitsumukan Hosa) to a full-fledged Executive Officer. For example, Teana Lanster was personally trained by Fate T. Harlaown between 0076 and 0078. Not every Executive Officer Assistant undergoes such training, however, e.g. Shario Finieno chose to remain Fate's assistant over promotion.


Most Executive Officers pursue large-scale criminal cases over long-term investigations, such as Fate's investigation of Jail Scaglietti. Some prefer to work alone, whereas others recruit a number of assistants. When Fate transferred into the Riot Force 6, she was treated as an Armed Forces Captain despite not holding any formal military rank.

The Executive Officers usually report directly to the Administrative Bureau Main Office or its Sailing Force.



Fate and Teana are wearing Executive Officer uniforms

The official Executive Officer uniform consists of a charcoal grey single-breasted jacket with a black yoke and silver trim worn over a white shirt or blouse, along with matching pants or skirt. The uniform for female officers also includes a white waist belt with a silver buckle.



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