Flight is a magical ability in the Nanoha universe. While most mages are capable of limited levitation, actual aerial maneuverability is a rare skill in modern Mid-Childa and related worlds, despite how commonplace it is in the first two seasons. In fact, Nanoha Takamachi, the protagonist of the series, is one of the most capable Aerial Mages (as well as one of the most powerful mages overall) in the setting, evident in her position as a successful and popular Aerial Instructor of TSAB in StrikerS.

Most mages, especially in the TSAB Ground Forces, do not possess the skills necessary for efficient unassisted flight and have to rely on machinery (e.g. Vice Granscenic's Storm Raider helicopter; Erio Mondial's Strada thrusters) or alternative magic (Subaru Nakajima's Wing Road spell; Caro Ru Lushe's summoned dragon Friedrich) for aerial transporation and combat.

Personal flight is illegal over populated areas of Mid-Childa, due to the danger of mid-air collision with aircraft.[1]

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