Nanoha equipped with Fortress and Strike Cannon in Force
Nanoha equipped with Fortress and
Strike Cannon in Force
Device profile
Other namesCW-AEC00X (primary)
Fortress Unit (movie)
MasterNanoha Takamachi
Hayate Yagami
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques (primary)
Caledfwlch Company (movie)
Magic systemNil (AEC Energy) (primary)
Midchilda (movie)
Formula-Midchilda (Mode F)
TypeAEC Armament (primary)
EM Equipment (movie)
Weapon (sub-/option unit)
Japanese nameフォートレス
First app.Force (ch.10)
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Fortress (フォートレス Fōtoresu) is a mana-driven equipment set manufactured for the Administrative Bureau by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force.

Name[edit | edit source]

Its model designation in Force is "CW-AEC00X Fortress", which may stand for "Caledfwlch Anti-Eclipse Experimental Weapon 00".

When adapted in the movie continuity, it is officially referred to as Fortress Unit (フォートレスユニット Fōtoresu Yunitto), and Fortress is also used as an abbreviation.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Fortress makes its debut in Force NEXT Design 06 (accompanying Force ch.9B) before its first appearance in Force (ch.10), in which Nanoha Takamachi equips with her blue unit to pursue the unconscious Thoma Avenir. It pairs with one of each kinds of shield sub-units.

In Force (ch.25), Hayate Yagami also equips with her black Fortress unit during a Special Duty Section 6 operation. It pairs with two large shields and four middle shields to replace her six wings generated from Sleipnir.

Notably in Force, Caro Ru Lushe does not equip with a Fortress unit due to her petite build and battle style, but only uses the middle shield sub-units as her Defensive Equipment.

Alternate continuities[edit | edit source]

In the Brave Duel continuity, both Nanoha's and Hayate's units appears in the crossover cards, despite in child size.

Nanoha with Fortress <Mode F> and Formula Cannon in Detonation

In the movie continuity, Fortress Unit appears in Reflection and Detonation. It is instead one of the EM Equipment co-manufactured by Caledfwlch Company and the Administrative Bureau's Technical Division 14 years earlier in 0067, with the concept of "mana- and battery-driven hybrid".

Nanoha is a user since Reflection, using a Strike Cannon and two small-sized (or a combination of large- and small-sized[1]) Defensers as option units. Raising Heart Exelion's Fortress Mode can also be integrated with it to assist in armament control and perform emergency defenses.

Near the end of Reflection, Nanoha's Fortress Unit mode-changes into Mode F alongside her Barrier Jacket Formula Mode and Formula Cannon, after she receives and powers up herself with a nano machine and a spare Variant Core from Amitie Florian.

In Detonation, a light version of Fortress Unit is also added to Hayate's Knight Clothing Modified for the control over two personified small-sized Defensers.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Forms Primary continuity Movie continuity
Original Each Fortress unit consists of a Main Unit for general control, and a number of sub-units such as shields and Strike Cannon (see below). Fortress Unit consists of the Defensers, the Strike Cannon (optional) and a Barrier Jacket (or Knight Clothing) system to control them.
Mode F
Mōdo Efu)
N/A The Formula mode which works with the Eltrian Formula. It maintains a dangerous balance for the compatibility of capacities of Formula and Midchildan magic system. It seemingly does not pair with any Defenser but only the Formula Cannon.

Functions[edit | edit source]

In Force, Fortress consists of several pieces of equipment, including a Main Unit for general control and three types of multi-functional shields, as detailed below. Using the weapons built in the shields, users are capable of combat at different ranges. Shields floating around can also generate defensive barriers automatically.

In the movie adaptation, Fortress Unit mainly consists of a Barrier Jacket system that can control the other option units.

Units Primary continuity Movie continuity
Main Unit
Mein Yunitto)
The Main Unit is generally mounted on the user's back. It can controls the shields according to the situation at hand. In Nanoha's case, it can generate energy wings similar to Axel Fin by loading a cartridge. The equivalent for the original Main Unit and Cartridge Unit is a Barrier Jacket system, aka. Fortress System (フォートレスシステム Fōtoresu Shisutemu). In Nanoha's case, it appears as an additional gear covering her chest, back and waist.
Cartridge Unit
The Cartridge Unit is generally on the user's waist. In Nanoha's case, the energy loaded from cartridges are supplied to the gauntlet on the left arm.
Beam Cannon Unit
The Fortress Shield Large and its built-in weapon, which is a Giant Beam Cannon for Bombardment Battles (砲戦用の大型粒子砲 drafted "Long Range Beam Cannon"). Defenser is an option unit of the Fortress System. Its designs are adapted/modified from the original large-sized and middle-sized shields, despite without any built-in cannon.
Plasma Cannon Unit
The Fortress Shield Middle (aka S2 Shield) and its built-in weapon, which is a Plasma Cannon for Mid-Range Battles (中距離戦用プラズマ砲 drafted "Middle Range Burst Cannon").
Blade Unit
The Fortress Shield Small and its built-in weapon, which is a Solid Sword for Close Combat Battles (近接戦用実体剣 drafted "Short Range Blade"). N/A
Flight-Control Unit The Flight-Control Unit is mainly used to counter the Zero Effect and maintain the flight. N/A
Strike Cannon Fortress is designed to be used in conjunction with Strike Cannon, and the Main Unit can take control over the Cannon if needed. Strike Cannon can be used as an option unit of the Fortress System.

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References[edit | edit source]

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