Forward Stars
TSAB Logo Stars
Organization profile
TypeSpecial forces
LocationMidchilda Southfort A73
LeaderNanoha Takamachi
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Ground Armaments Service
Lost Property Riot Force 6
Japanese nameスターズ分隊
(Sutāzu Buntai)
First app.StrikerS (ep.5)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.26)
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Forward Stars (スターズ分隊 Sutāzu Buntai, also styled Forward StarS, with the last letter capitalized depending on the source)[1] was, along with Forward Lightning, one of the two Forward teams of Lost Property Riot Force 6, commanded by Captain Nanoha Takamachi.


The stars motif is strongly associated with Nanoha in the series (cf. her spells Starlight Breaker, Stardust Fall), which is presumably the reason behind her team's callsign.



Callsign Name Age Rank Position Mage rank Magic system Device
Stars 01 Nanoha Takamachi 19 1st Air Captain Commander S+ (Air) Midchilda Raising Heart Exelion
Stars 02 Vita N/A 3rd Air Captain Sub-Commander AAA+ (Air) Ancient Belka Graf Eisen
Stars 03 Subaru Nakajima 15 2nd Ground Member Front Attacker B (Ground) Modern Belka Mach Caliber
Revolver Knuckle
Stars 04 Teana Lanster 16 2nd Ground Member Center Guard B (Ground) Midchilda Cross Mirage


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