Fourth Ground Forces Academy
Fourth Ground Forces Academy
Some of the Academy's administrative buildings (above) and training grounds (below)
Organization profile
TypeMilitary academy
LocationNorthern Midchilda
PrincipalFern Corrado (superintendent)
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Armaments Service
Ground Armaments Service
Japanese name第四陸士訓練校
(Daiyon Rikushi Kunrenkō)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.4)
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Fourth Ground Forces Academy (第四陸士訓練校 Daiyon Rikushi Kunrenkō)[1] is one of the TSAB's military academies in charge of training the TSAB Ground Forces, located in Northern Midchilda. It is featured prominently in the "Starting Stars" arc of StrikerS manga.


The Fourth Ground Forces Academy is the largest Armed Forces academy of the Bureau.[2] Nearly all combat mages complete their training there. Even the aerial mages have to attend the academy before applying for aerial training (though exceptions are made of A-ranked or higher mages).[2]

Notable alumni and staffEdit


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