Gadget Drones

Top row: Type I and Type II; bottom row: Type III and Type IV

Gadget Drones (ガジェットドローン Gajietto Dorōn, also spelled "Gajet Drone") are robotic foot soldiers used by Jail Scaglietti in StrikerS. They appear as floating metallic cylinders and are equipped with lasers and rockets.


The Gadget Drones were originally conceived by Jail Scaglietti as gadgets or drones attached to the Relics he experimented upon, and the tentative name he gave to them stuck. It is also commonly shorted to simply "Gadgets".[1]


All Gadget Drones are outfitted with AMF generators of varying output power that block all spells that are not powerful enough to penetrate the field. They are therefore also referred to as Anti-Magic Drones.

Lutecia Alpine is able to control Gadget Drones with her summoned Insekts using the ability known as "Stehlenkönigin".



Retrofitted Type I Gadget Drones protect Otto

Type I
The most basic Gadgets originally produced by Scaglietti. Judging by their presence during the Combat Cyborg Incident, Scaglietti mass-produced them in bulk to have them attack in large groups. They appear as rounded cylinders with two cable-like "arms" and can levitate. Their primary mode of attack are magical laser beams, although some are additionally retrofitted with rocket launchers. Thousands of Type Is were used during the attack on the Long Arch, as well as in the final battle of StrikerS.
Gadget Drones Launch for the Cradle

Type II Gadget Drones launch from the Saint's Cradle

Type II
Type II Gadgets are designed to secure air superiority and possess the flying wing shape. Their primary weapons are laser beams and air-to-air missiles. In addition to combat applications, Type II drones are sometimes used as means of aerial transportation by Lutecia Alpine and those Numbers who are incapable of unassisted flight.
Type III
Type III Gadget Drones are similar to Type I but appear spherical. They also have much thicker armor, more powerful AMF protection, and six cable-like arms in addition to two stronger, belt-like ones. Some Type III Gadgets are powered by the Jewel Seeds that Scaglietti stole from the Bureau.
Type IV
The Type IV Gadget Drones are the only ones not created by Jail Scaglietti. In fact, they were manufactured on Ancient Belka, and Scaglietti merely found them on the Saint's Cradle. They are particularly dangerous, since they are equipped with stealth systems and use sickle-like physical weapons. A Type IV Gadget Drone managed to inflict wounds on Nanoha Takamachi two years after she enlisted in TSAB, which she has never completely recovered from.

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