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Garden of Time
Garden of Time
World profile
Japanese name時の庭園
(Toki no Teien)
First app.Nanoha
Last app.Nanoha (ep.13)
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The Garden of Time (時の庭園 Toki no Teien) was a small asteroid-like structure floating in the dimension space that served as Presea Testarossa's base of operations during Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Capable of dimensional transfer, it was well-hidden from the Administrative Bureau, who only located it by tracing a cross-dimensional spell cast by Presea. After the events of the original series' finale, it is lost in the sea of dimensions and presumed destroyed.


In The MOVIE 1st, the Garden of Time is shown to have roughly the same shape as Presea's previous hideout (revealed in the MGLN Sound Stage 02 to have been located at Artesaim in Midchilda South). It can be therefore conjectured that Presea found a way to "tear off" the piece of Midchilda and to place it into the interdimensional void when the Bureau caught wind of her endeavors.


In addition to Presea's own throne room and living quarters for Fate and Arf, the Garden hosted multiple labs, including one where Alicia Testarossa's body was kept by her mother. The entire facility was powered by a massive mana generator, presumably constructed by Presea, which also powered the contingent of her Puppet Soldiers guarding the Garden and her own spells, such as Photon Bullet and Thunder Rage O.D.J‎, using her unique skill at drawing from external mana sources.

The Garden of Time's exterior outwardly resembles the Life Force fortress from the classic Konami shoot-'em-up Life Force.