Character profile
SpeciesInsectoid summon
AffiliationLutecia Alpine
OccupationLutecia's knight
Japanese nameガリュー
First app.StrikerS
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Garyu (ガリュー Garyū) is one of Lutecia Alpine's many insect summons in StrikerS and StrikerS manga. Unlike the others, his size is closest to a human.


Garyu's scarf and fighting style cause him to resemble a Kamen Rider. In particular, his ability to grow a blade from his arm is similar to Kamen Rider Gills from Kamen Rider Agito.

In StrikerSEdit

Acting as a counterpart to Erio Mondial as Lutecia does to Caro Ru Lushe, Garyu is the most intelligent of Lutecia's summons and the only one capable of thinking independently in order to protect her even against her commands. Garyu's elbows and forearms sheathe blade-like growths - when Lutecia went berserk, Garyu further grew a pair of tendrils from his shoulders and a trio of metallic, blood-soaked blades from his forearms. This alternate mode also caused him to cry tears of blood - Caro remarked that Lutecia was hurting Garyu by forcing him into this boosted form.

In ViVidEdit

In ViVid, Garyu first appears in chapter 8, accompanying Lutecia on Carnaaji. In chapter 9, he accidentally scares Einhart Stratos with his appearance, before the misunderstanding is cleared. In chapter 11, he is shown serving drinks in the onsen.


With significant physical capabilities and a variety of abilities, Garyu is one of Lutecia's most powerful summons and is superior to Erio in aerial mobility. He can fire Shock Bolt for ranged combat and extend blades from his limbs. In addition, the tendrils on the back of his neck can be utilized to capture or bind others.

Unlike most of Lutecia's summons, Garyu is not summoned via a magic circle, but is instead stored inside Asclepius and appears as a black blast shooting out from it and then forming into Garyu as he is summoned.


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