"The "Darkness of the Book of Darkness" whose Shadow is Cast Again"
Vivio and Einhard transform into Adult Mode
Battle sequence
Video gameMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny
Japanese title「再び影を落とす「闇の書の闇」」
(Futatabi Kage wo Otosu "Yami no Sho no Yami")
Playable charactersNanoha Takamachi
Yuuno Scrya
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"The "Darkness of the Book of Darkness" whose Shadow is Cast Again" (「再び影を落とす「闇の書の闇」」 Futatabi Kage wo Otosu "Yami no Sho no Yami")[1] is Sequence 02 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny.

Short summaryEdit

Nanoha Takamachi and Yuuno Scrya chase after Amitie Florian and quickly catch up with her. After thinking they are local law enforcers who are trying to arrest her for being on the non-management world, Amitie escapes with Accelerator and disappears. Nanoha and Yuuno give chase but accidentally run into the Liese twins, Vivio Takamachi, Einhard Stratos and finally Stern the Destructor. The Liese twins fight them because they confuse them for their Dark Fragment knockoffs. Vivio and Einhard, who have been transported trough time due to the time travel by the Gears, figure out quickly that they have time traveled, but either in their initial confusion or in effort to break contact with Nanoha and Yuuno drop hints that they aren't from this time. They finally faces Stern, who wants to test her new powers of incineration and finally become herself and not merely Nanoha's copy. The Material notes that finding Unbreakable Dark is really important to them, but also promises they will not bother civilians.

Sequence structureEdit

Destiny 05 - Battle 1A
Nanoha vs. Amitie
Destiny 06 - Battle 2A
Nanoha vs. Liese twins
Destiny 07 - Battle 3A
Nanoha vs. Einhard
Destiny 08 - Battle 4A
Nanoha vs. Stern
Destiny 05 - Battle 1B
Yuuno vs. Amitie
Destiny 06 - Battle 2B
Yuuno vs. Liese twins
Destiny 07 - Battle 3B
Yuuno vs. Vivio
Destiny 08 - Battle 4B
Yuuno vs. Stern

Long summaryEdit

Destiny 05Edit

The player is given an option to choose Nanoha Takamachi or Yuuno Scrya to fight against Amitie Florian.

Battle 1A: Nanoha vs. Amitie Edit

The Destiny starts as Nanoha catches up to Amitie Florian. Nanoha introduces herself as a Contract Mage of the Administrative Bureau. Amitie is surprised by the fact that so many kids can "soar in the skies" on this world and the fact that the Bureau, which she assumes to be a judiciary organization based one the name, is hiring such young children to work for them. Since Amitie was brooding on this and not replying, Nanoha assumes that she cannot understand her language and asks her if that is so. This snaps Amitie out of her stupor and has her confirm that she actually does understand Nanoha, but was merely thinking to herself.[2]

Nanoha enquires Amitie if she is an unregistered visitor, and informs her that she is not allowed to stay on Earth without a guide if she is. Amitie replies that she is sorry but she does not have time for dealing with bureaucracy while Nanoha tries to allay her fears by saying it would not take long and is for her own safety too. Amitie still refuses citing need for haste, and tries to get Nanoha to let her go promising she will try not to bother the people and officials of the world. Nanoha refuses to let her go unless she explains herself. Amitie is impressed that such a young one could behave like a real official and tries to confirm that there is no way Nanoha is letting her go one way or another, but Nanoha replies her intention is not to detain her but more to learn what brings her here.

With the possibility of Nanoha letting her go without Amitie having to spill the beans about Kyrie and their origins gone Amitie apologizes and resists arrest by fleeing from Nanoha citing personal reasons. Nanoha moves to stop her and a fight breaks out.

Once Nanoha is victorious, she compliments Amitie and says she is fascinated by her device and magic saying which allow her to move in such an interesting way, that is to teleport. Amitie is weirded out by her opponent finding, the abilities she just used to try to bring her down, fascinating. Nanoha asks her for her name, Amitie responds that people close to her call her Amita and Nanoha sees this as an invitation to do the same and proceeds to call her that from now on. Nanoha once again introduces herself with her full name and position in TSAB and says everyone calls her Nanoha.

Yuuno arrives and Nanoha introduces him as her magic teacher. Amitie notes that they seem like good kids but she cannot stay because she and her sister don’t have much time and she doesn’t have the time not energy to waste it testing Nanoha’s combat skills. She fully powers up her Accelerator, which she loudly announces, and vanishes in front of Yuuno and Nanoha. Nanoha is surprised Amita was able to vanish and Yuuno notes they have to go after her.

Battle 1B: Yuuno vs. Amitie Edit

Depending on weather or not Amita fought Yuuno in Destiny 02 (Sequence 01 Battle 2) there are two different variants of the dialogue. The dialogue variants/timelines merge when Nanoha arrives and from then on the dialogue is same for both variants.

If the player has selected Yuuno (instead of Alph) as Amitie's opponent in Destiny 02, Yuuno and Amitie will recognize each other in this battle. In such case, Yuuno enquires about Amitie's state seeing as she asked him for help the last time they met, but notes she seems fine now. Amitie replies she is fine and does not need help since she managed to push through by relying on her fighting spirit. Yuuno is confused by this and Amitie explains that she was able to overcome the corruptive effects of the virus with her self-repair function which she strengthened before. She also notes that she had exhausted her reserves of energy and stamina but she has now recovered (likely the explanation for her collapsing on front of Yuuno). She bows to Yuuno thanking him for his concern. Yuuno bows back praising her politeness.

Amitie (then) tries to excuse herself and leave, but is stopped by Yuuno who explains he is with the Administraive Bureau and asks if she is a traveler from another world and why she is here. Similar to Nanoha's case, Amita is incredulous about the fact that Yuuno is seemingly an official and still tries to leave saying she would love to help but she is in a hurry. Also, like with Nanoha she promises she will attempt not to bother the inhabitants and offers Yuuno a chance to turn a blind eye on her as she makes her escape. Yuuno refuses, and a fight breaks out.

After Yuuno wins, no matter what amount of damage Yuuno took, Amita is incredulous that she could not hit Yuuno and asks, not believing it herself, if he was able to somehow learn/memorize her moves. Yuuno confirms that, saying he cannot be defeated by the same technique twice.

If Amita fought Alph in Sequence 01 Yuuno and Amita will behave as stranger to each other. Yuuno catches up with Amita and introduces himself as a member of TSAB and asks her is she has time to answer some questions for security reasons since she is not from Earth. Amita meanwhile is surprised that she ran into another child that can fly and wonders if that is common on Earth. She also figures that based on the name TSAB sounds like a judiciary organization which puts her in a award position where she doesn't want to get on their bad side but at the same time she can't allow to be arrested.

Amita tries to extract herself by claiming that she is busy and in a hurry, so she can't, but that she will turn herself in as soon as she finishes her business. Yuuno doesn't buy it and points out that just having her running around armed is dangerous for a variety of reasons. Amita agrees that Yuuno seems to have a point especially since he himself isn't armed, but that she still can't come with him. She excuses herself and flies away. Yuuno follows suit and a fight breaks out.

Once the fight is over, Yuuno thanks Amita on stopping resisting, apparently under impression that he couldn't have won without Amita giving up. This shocks Amita who apparently resisted him with all her might and still lost. Yuuno decides that they should stay there for a while probably so Nanoha can catch up to them, while Amita strongly protests being arrested.

The dialogue is same in both variants from this point on. This is when Nanoha arrives and Yuuno informs her that he has just restrained Amitie. Nanoha asks Amitie is her name Amitie Florian and Amitie tries to dodge the question asking if the world they are on (Earth) has laws protecting the right to remain silent. Yuuno replies that those don’t apply since she has already volunteered her name once. Nanoha then proceeds to note that the Pink (Pinku) miss also called her Amita. Amitie confirms this informing them the Pink one is her younger sister. Nanoha introduces herself as a TSAB Contract Mage while Yuuno repeats his request for Amita to explain her situation.

Amita wonders to herself what could Kyrie be planning, to be causing such a mess and notes that while her energy reserves are limited, her time is even more so to be wasted here. She apologizes to Yuuno and Nanoha and states that she and her sister don’t have the time for this, after which she loudly powers up her Accelerator and escapes/vanishes. Yuuno is surprised Amita disappeared while Nanoha notes they have to go after her.

Destiny 06Edit

The player is given an option to choose Nanoha or Yuuno to fight against the Liese twins.

Battle 2A: Nanoha vs. Liese twins Edit

While Nanoha is chasing Amita she runs into the Aria Liese and Lotte Liese[3]. They note that she is another one of those (Dark Fragments) and that there have been many of them recently. They accuse her of deliberately using a fake and confusing appearance to fool them, apparently unaware that the Dark Fragments aren't aware that they aren't the originals. Nanoha is utterly confused with what is going on and is unable to formulate a response before Aria tells Lotte not to speak to Nanoha and together they decide to take her down quickly using their combination attacks. Combination attack here likely refers to their way of fighting, where although Nanoha is fighting two of them, only one of them is visible on the screen at one time. Nanoha fights Aria at long range and Lotte in melee.


Lotte (right) leaving the fight so Aria (left) can fight Nanoha at range.

After Nanoha wins, she complains about how it was unfair of them to fight her 2 vs 1, while Lotte whines that Nanoha in fact is unfair because she resisted them. Aria meanwhile is confused with how good this "fake" Nanoha is, since Dark Fragments are weaker than their originals.

Nanoha finally is able to get their attention, since they are down, and points out how the last time she and the others fought the Dark Fragments (during the Dark Fragment Incident) they would disappear at the end of the fights. Aria notes that she is aware of these facts and Lotte adds that they never thought they would encounter one of them, apparently while Aria was starting to change her mind, Lotte was still not getting that Nanoha is the real one. Nanoha has to point blank state she is not a Dark Fragment and that her memory of how she got here is perfectly clear. This finally convinces both of them since as they say, the Dark Fragments tended to do and say random and confusing things. Aria apologizes to Nanoha for mistaking her for a Dark Fragment.

Nanoha enquires then why they are here instead of in retirement taking care of Gil Graham. They reply that they were civilians, until two days ago when Admiral Leti Lowran re-engaged them due to the state of emergency. They also note that their mission is secret in nature and since the emergency was at a remote location, that they were told not to inform Nanoha or Hayate Yagami, whom they keep referring to as "that girl". Lotte then wonders if the situation they cannot talk about has occured, considering how much trouble there is on this side of Earth.

Nanoha informs them of the situation, the Materials are back and also there are visitors from another world (i.e. the Florian sisters). Liese Twins are confused with Materials thinking of them as meere Dark Fragments with different colors. Nanoha notes that they are not and that they are likely up to no good now that they are back. She also informs them that the visitors are sisters and she is in pursuit of the older one.

Nanoha then remembers she should return to her chase of Amitie, but reminds them that understanding can only be acquired slowly through communication, thereby chiding them for their recent rash behavior. Aria again apologises, but before Nanoha can leave Lotte interrupts her and asks her not to tell "that girl" and her servants that they two are here and what happened. Nanoha asks them if she is referring to Hayate and the Knights, and Lotte confirms saying they have their own reason for this request. Nanoha thinks for a moment but in the end acquiesces to the request.

After Nanoha leaves Lotte notes that Nanoha is probably aware of the horrible things they did to Hayate and the Knights (referring to the events in A's). Aria also notes that they have also done terrible things to "those kids" too (i.e. Nanoha and Fate Testarossa) and yet, she notes, Nanoha is still same as ever despite it all.

This is when they detect/feel a reading/reaction from a strange transfer (as in Dimensional Transfer). They mark it as suspicious and note with surprise that it is coming from the direction where Nanoha has gone in.

Battle 2B: Yuuno vs. Liese twins Edit

Like in Nanoha's encounter with the Liese twins, if Yuuno is chosen he also runs into them and is immediately taken for a Dark Fragment, with the addition that Lotte is even more angry since she takes offense at the Dark Fragment taking the appearance of her beloved little mouse[4]. Aria notes that they are fortunate that it's going to be a 2 vs 1 fight and they attack while Yuuno's pleas for them to stop fall on deaf ears.


Liese Aria in the process of being bound by the Arresting Chain, shortly before the same detonates

In battles Yuuno mostly uses chains to hit people with and shields to ram people with and his Full Drive Busrt is Arrester Chain. This reliance on chains is actually acknowledged in the dialogue since Lotte complains about some chain she is presumably (since the game is not able to show it) bound with. Lotte also notes that as soon as she gets out of her current predicament she is going to use the forbidden lethal technique to do something but before she can finish her threat Yuuno cuts in that he has figured out the situation.

He asks them if the Dark Fragments, their imitators, are appearing again. They appear unfamiliar with the name, but note that it does sound like the goal they have, doing something about the droves of fakes of Nanoha and others. Which is when Aria finally figures it out that Yuuno before them is not a fake but the real one and is aghast at her mistake, and Aria apologies immediately. Notably they are more aghast here at their mistake than mistaking Nanoha for a Dark Fragment. Yuuno tells them not to worry since these kind of mistakes happened before to Shamal, Vita and the others. As an apology Lotte tells Yuuno she will caress/soothe him later, which he brushes off saying that the sentiment is enough.

Yuuno further asks them what they are doing here, and they respond that Leti sent them here and they cannot divulge any more information about their mission. They ask him about potential troubles in the direction he has come from, and he says he is currently in pursuit of a visitor from another world who carries a gun, which is why they need to catch her quickly.

Lotte asks him why he, a Librarian of the Infinity Library, is doing on such an assignment and he replies it is because Chrono Harlaown is on a business trip, but is expected to be back soon. Aria notes that they would love to help, but they are busy here already and as Yuuno excuses himself to leave, Aria interrupts him. She asks him if Nanoha and the others are involved in this and Yuuno informs them that Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are on the case but are currently at different locations. Lotte asks him not to tell the others about their encounter. As Yuuno is confused by the request and not convinced, Aria assures him that he can tell Nanoha and the others, just not to mention it to the children of the Yagami family. This mollifies him and he agrees to try doing that before flying away.

After he leaves Aria notes that even though it does not seem like Yuuno forgot what happened during the Book of Darkness incident, he is still treating them as if nothing happened. Lotte agrees, and as they leave to continue with their work, they notice the strange transfer just as in Nanoha's case, which is coming from the direction where Yuuno has gone in.

Destiny 07Edit


Vivio and Einhard falling from the sky over Uminari City

Vivio Takamachi and Einhard Stratos suddenly appear in the night sky over Uminari City, and since they do not know how to fly they start falling. Vivio quickly asks Sacred Heart (aka. Chris) for hover control (浮遊制御) to arrest their fall. Chris and Asteion together are able to do that which leaves the girls hovering in the night sky.[4]

Both are confused about what is going on and don't know where they are. In order to determine what happened to them, Einhard proposes that they go over the events that happened directly before their current predicament. They note that the school had just finished and they parted with Rio and Corona to go to their usual practice ground to practice. Which is when suddenly a bright light appeared above them and they were blown away where they are now, in the skies floating.

Vivio is discouraged that even after the review their predicament isn't making any more sense than before, but Einhart calms her down and asks does she know where they are. Together they note that it was early afternoon when they were blown away, but now it's night, and that the city below them does not look like somewhere in Midchilda Central and they conclude they could be on another world.

Chris then tells them through gesturing (literally by *flap* *flap* in game dialogue) and Vivio agrees that they are actually in the skies above Uminari City. Einhard asks if that is the hometown of Vivo's mother, which Vivio confirms and states that it is the Earth, the 97th non-management world, but she wonders why they were blown there. In any case she is relieved, since if they are above Uminari, they have acquaintances there.

Einhard notes that this is good, but they should first land so they are not noticed by the general public to which Vivio agrees. At this point they are notified via Chris that a large magical reading/reaction is approaching. Vivio notes that there should be no mages in the Uminari City of today and that therefore something strange is going on there. Just in case the mage turns out to be hostile they set up their Adult Modes and Barrier Jackets, and note that the magical reading is heading straight for them.

The player is then presented with the battle title screen and asked to choose one of the two matchups: Nanoha vs Einhard (3A) or Yuuno vs Vivio (3B). This is the first time in the game where at least one of the sides was not set in stone. Previously either the player's character or the enemy character (or both, like in Destiny 04) was fixed. This leads to a situation where both encounters (3A and 3B) can allmost be considered cannon, except that there are differences in the conversations between two battles.

Battle 3A: Nanoha vs. EinhardEdit

3A follows the encounter through the eyes of Nanoha,[5] who turns out to be the magical reading that was heading straight for Einhard, who is surprised at seeing Nanoha enough to blurt out "Vivio-''san'''s mother" when addressing Nanoha. Fortunately for her Nanoha is confused by this statement and starts glancing around expecting to see this "Vivio's mother" person somewhere near. This reaction and the fact that Nanoha looks younger than Vivio utterly confuses Einhard, who then discards the possibility of Nanoha's apparent age being a result of transformation magic or accidental resemblance (why isn't explained). For Nanoha meanwhile the first thing she notices about Einhard is Einhard's "beautiful eyes" of different colors.

Nanoha then introduces herself, with her full name and position in TSAB, which dispels last remaining disbelief Einhard has about Nanoha's authenticity. Nanoha then does her ussual routine she did with Amitie, asking Einhard where is she from and does she have permission to be on their non-administered world, and if she doesn't she asks her for some of her time. Einhard replies that she doesn't have a permission and that she has no idea how she got here. Nanoha notes that that might be problematic, but offers to talk to her about it in more detail.

This is when Vivio makes a call to Einhard and informs her of the gravity of the situation. She is with "Chief Librarian Yuuno" and they have been blown 13 years into the past. Einhard informs her that she is with her mother and Vivio offers that they should escape from Nanoha and Yuuno in order to limit the interaction with the people from the past in order not to change the future. Einhard agrees. Meanwhile Nanoha is wondering aloud why is Einhard standing still and not replying her (she is talking to Vivio), at which point Einhard stammers an apology and tries to escape. Nanoha cries after her that she shouldn't do that since it's dangerous in the direction she is heading in and gives chase.

After Nanoha catches up with Einhard and wins the fight, she admonishes her about her violent tendencies. Einhard on the other hand is suprised. While she had expected not to do well in aircombat she is unfamiliar with she did not didn't expect not one of her strikes penetrating Nanoha's defenses. She concludes that in the skies Nanoha must be really strong.

Nanoha compliments Einhard on her martial arts and asks after her name and the name of her technique/school. Einhard introduces herself as "Heidi E.S. Ingvalt" and her technique as Kaiser Arts, at which point she finally remembers she should not be doing this and yelps in surprise. Nanoha reintroduces herself but Einhard has had enough, and orders Tio to help her escape and flees. Nanoha is surprised by this development and wonders if the kitten she saw for a moment could be Einhard's device.

After Einhard flees, Yuuno calls Nanoha asking if she is okay and informs her he ran into a strange girls. Nanoha replies she is fine and that she same has happened to her and tells Yuuno her name. Yuuno is puzzled since as he notes Ingvalt is the name of an Ancient Belkan king. Yuuno notes that something strange, that he can't figure out, is going on. Nanoha agrees with him but tells him they should be more careful but they need to continue the pursuit.

Battle 3B: Yuuno vs. VivioEdit

Yuuno runs into Vivio who in turn is surprised to see him so small and calls him the Chief Librarian. She wonders if he is using Transformation Magic and what is he doing here. This familiarity in turn confuses Yuuno, who also wonders why is she referring to him as Chief Librarian. Yuno wonders to himself that due to her eyes, which are a trait of the Saint King's lineage, if she might be related to Belka somehow. Vivio tries to explain that she is calling him that since he is the Chief Librarian of the Infinity Library, but cuts herself off since she sees that this is surprising Yuuno even more. She also starts to suspect what might be going on. This is semi confirmed for her when Yuuno explains that though he is a Librarian of Infinity Library, he is not the Chief Librarian, since he just joined. This confirms to her that he is not using transformation magic, and after inquiring after the current month and year, her fears are confirmed. She really is time-warped back to March 0066 from June 0079 (of the New Calendar).

After coming to the realization that they have been indeed thrown through time, no matter how unlikely it seems, she notes that she has seen this scenario multiple times in fiction and phones the things one must not do in that case. She then contacts Einhard to let her know what has happened. This conversation is the main reason both battles can not be considered cannon since the conversation is different if not significantly so. Unlike in 3A, Einhard is already aware of the time travel, what year it is and tells Vivio she is with a tiny version of her mother. At any rate they decide to escape and meet up later.

Meanwhile Yuuno is still confused by Vivio, and asks if she could explain herself better which prompts Vivio to try escaping. Yuuno exasperatedly wonders why is every single suspicious person today refusing to explain themselves, and a fight breaks out.

After Yuuno beats Vivio she is suprised by how strong he is, but then notes that that was to be expected from Teacher of the Ace of Aces. The fact that Vivio keeps calling him Chief Librarion ticks Yuuno off and he emphatically tells her to stop doing that and enquires about the Ace of Aces. Since she is now in trouble Vivio tries to get out of it by crying and begging Yuuno not to bind her, but that doesn't work on him. He openly wonders if something is happening and is causing all these offworlders to come here tonight. He also asks Vivio what she is doing on this world, seeing as she looks like someone from administered worlds. Trying to weasel her way out of answering Vivio tried distracting Yuuno by telling him that Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama are coming here and escapes using Jet Step leaving a confused/surprised Yuuno behind.

At this moment Nanoha calls Yuuno and they exchange information, she tells him about a girl that used Kaiser Arts and carried the name Ingvalt that seemingly knew her. Given how things are going they decide to team up since as Yuuno says it's too dangerous to go out alone. Nanoha decides to fly to Yuuno's location.

Destiny 08Edit

The player is given an option to choose Nanoha or Yuuno to fight against Stern the Destructor.

Battle 4A: Nanoha vs. Stern Edit

Nanoha runs into Stern and they exchange pleasantries like friends who haven't seen each other in a while. Stern notes that she was sleeping peacefully ever since she was crushed by Nanoha and her friends. Also to Nanoha's question about their current plans, she replies that they still plan to acquire the Unbreakable Dark since that is one of the major reasons for their existence. Nanoha offers help if they aren't going to be starting trouble and Stern declines saying she doesn't have the authority to allow her to help and refers her to Dearche. Nanoha learns their new names and notes that they sound cool. Finally Stern notes that she had been rather looking forward to having a rematch with her, so she can prove/test her new abilities as Dearche's Destructor which allow her to wield flame. Nanoha happily agrees that they should have a rematch at full power.

After Nanoha wins, she notes that it was a good match and they again exchange compliments, Stern noting that Nanoha is as strong as ever, Nanoha replies in kind noting how amazing her new magic is. Stern remarks that despite it all she is still not a match for Nanoha while Nanoha assures her that she simply got lucky this time. Finally Stern notes that if it was possible the would really like to fight Nanoha forever, but she has a job to do. Nanoha agrees that she is also busy.

Stern guesses that Nanoha and her friends are probably worried that the Materials might start causing trouble to civilians and she assures Nanoha that she is not going to do that and will also remind Dearche and Levi of this rule. Nanoha tries to talk her into allowing her to accompany her, but Stern declines. Finally Stern promises that she will pay Nanoha another visit once they have fulfilled their purpose and flies away despite Nanoha's protests. The segment ends with Nanoha wondering given the number of people involved (Florian sisters, Liese twins and Materials) that this incident might be getting a bit too serious.

Battle 4B: Yuuno vs. Stern Edit

Yunno recognizes Stern as soon as he spots her, but is cut off by Stern who says that she is glad to have met him and inquires if he is Takamachi Nanoha's magic teacher. Yuuno responds negatively since while he has taught her he wouldn't call himself her teacher. Stern ignores this distinction and continues speaking about how she would really like to fight the person who taught her original. This ignoring doesn't sit well with Yuuno, since he sees this as encountering another girl that ignores what he is saying. Stern continues asking Yuuno to allow her to prove the strength of her new powers of incineration by killing the Nanoha's teacher, that is him. Yuuno protests, asking does she really expect him to just roll over and die just like that and the fight begins.

After Yuuno is victorious, he is audibly (no visuals since the game graphics are not good enough to show this) singed, complaining how hot it is and why does Nanoha's copy have a mana conversion ability. Specifically he wonders why Stern is a fire type (炎熱系). Stern wonders if it's because of her personality.

Stern commends Yuuno, noting that even though he is a non-combat type (非戦闘系), the way he used his magic means he truly is Nanoha's teacher. She then tells him that she would like to look up to him as a teacher too. Yuuno thanks her, but then immediately asks her if he can restrain her, planning to arrest her. Stern refuses and is readying to leave when Nanoha arrives and says that she is refusing Stern's refusal.

Nanoha and Stern exchange a conversation similar to one in 4A, Nanoha inquiring after Stern and Materials, saying she wants to speak to them, complimenting Stern's name and so on. In the end Stern tells her that searching for Unbreakable Dark is still important to them, but because of that she can't speak about many topics. Nanoha tries to get more info out of her by appealing to their common appearance but that doesn't sway Stern who instead changes topics.

Like in 4A Stern guesses what Nanoha and her allies might be worrying about (Materials bothering innocents) and Stern promises they will not do that and that she will notify the others of the fact. She also mentions that she and Levi would enjoy it if someone powerless got "trampled".

Yuuno then reminds her that she was planning to escape just a moment ago and that he will not let her, but she flatly states that she will still escape despite that. She asks Nanoha and her new teacher (Yuuno) to excuse her and she flies off.

Nanoha wonders since when is Yuuno her teacher which Yuuno tries to deny. In the end they note the number of people involved in the incident and that things are becoming strange. Finally Yuuno is pissed at Chrono for leaving on a business trip at a time like this.


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