"The Guardian Knights of the Night Sky and "Dark Fragments""
Wolkenritter GoD
Wolkenritter assembling before setting out to solve the situation
Battle sequence
Video gameMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny
Japanese title「夜天の守護騎士たちと「闇の欠片」」
(Yaten no Shugo Kishi tachi to "Yami no Kakera")
Playable charactersSignum
Kyrie Florian
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"The Guardian Knights of the Night Sky and "Dark Fragments"" (「夜天の守護騎士たちと「闇の欠片」」 Yaten no Shugo Kishi tachi to "Yami no Kakera")[1] is Sequence 05 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny.

Short summaryEdit

Wolkenritter have set out to deal with the Dark Fragment (DF) crysis and to capture the Florian sisters. They split up to cover more ground and along the way run into Dark Fragments. Signum deals with Dark Fragments of Thoma Avenir, Presea Testarossa and Levi the Slasher. Vita runs into Einhard Stratos' Dark Fragment and then fights the real Liese twins and Alph. Shamal has to contend with the Dark Fragments of Yuuno Scrya and Vivio Takamachi before confronting the real Kyrie Florian. Zafira meanwhile confronts the Dark Fragments of Stern, Rynith and Dearche. After this all the Wolkenritter feel a Spatial Tremmor and move to investigate. At the epicenter is U-D and Amitie Florian who is there to prevent her sister from getting the Examia. Despite Amitie's protests Kyrie still attacks U-D, but her efforts are futile no matter weather she wins or looses. Before U-D can kill Kyrie, Amitie steps in, blocking U-D's blow with her own body and sets off a titanic explosion with her Variant Zapper's Overblast. Kyrie escapes, Amita is badly hurt, but U-D is completely unharmed. The explosion is witnessed by the Wolkenritter, hence Chrono Harlaown calls them to meet him on board Arthra.

Sequence structureEdit

Destiny 19 - Battle 1A
Signum vs. Thoma (DF)
Destiny 20 - Battle 2A
Signum vs. Presea (DF)
Destiny 21 - Battle 3A
Signum vs. Levi (DF)

Destiny 22 - Battle 4A
Kyrie vs. U-D
Destiny 19 - Battle 1B
Vita vs. Einhard (DF)
Destiny 20 - Battle 2B
Vita vs. Liese twins
Destiny 21 - Battle 3B
Vita vs. Alph
Destiny 19 - Battle 1C
Shamal vs. Yuuno (DF)
Destiny 20 - Battle 2C
Shamal vs. Vivio (DF)
Destiny 21 - Battle 3C
Shamal vs. Kyrie
Destiny 19 - Battle 1D
Zafira vs. Stern (DF)
Destiny 20 - Battle 2D
Zafira vs. Rynith (DF)
Destiny 21 - Battle 3D
Zafira vs. Dearche (DF)

Long summaryEdit


The Wolkenritter go over the issue facing them. Signum mentions the reappearance of the Dark Fragments, Shamal adds that the Materials are back and Zafira reminds them of the illegal travelers from another world, the Florian sisters. Vita dismisses any concerns saying that it doesn't matter who is against them, since they can just beat up whoever is causing trouble. Zafira notes that the Fragments are splitting up and spreading, so they should also split up to engage them. Signum notes that they should try to capture the wanted Florians alive, and they set off.

Destiny 19 Edit

Battle 1A: Signum vs. Dark Fragment Thoma Edit

Signum runs into DF of Thoma Avenir and noting that she doesn't recognize him, she wonders if he somehow came into contact with the Book of Darkness too. This Thoma on the other hand has bad memories of Signum. He remembers Signum as someone who regarded him with suspicion instead of helping him when he was dying and Lily-Strosek couldn't help him. He seems to remember that Cypha of Hückebein killing Signum and saving him. Signum comments that she doesn't know anyone named Cypha, and since that doesn't deter Thoma, she wonders if he confused her with someone else. In the end she concludes that he is probably a Fragment of the Book of Darkness and as such she has to fight him.

After Signum wins, she notes that while his fighting style is unique and quite good, it's unrefined as if he never got any training or had combat experience. Lily comments on how Signum is as strong as ever and Thoma starts swearing. Signum tells him not to despair about his performance because considering that all of that was on pure instinct, he did rather well. Lily then notes that Silver Cross's System is down with sadness in her voice. Thoma apologizes for not being able to save her and they crumble away like Dark Fragments do together. Signum is left perplexed how this Fragment could have known her.

The real Thoma then arrives and is surprised to see Signum and Lily notes how she hasn't changed, in refference to meeting 10 year old Hayate in the previous sequence. Signum is surprised by him, and wonders if he is another Fragment or the real one. Thoma rather quickly responds that they are the real ones and asks Signum what is going on seeing that they have been running around into strange fake versions of people they know. She explains that those are the remaints of the Book of Darkness. She then asks him who he is, to have known her, and who Cypha is. This spooks Thoma and Lily, who note that even Signum doesn't know them and so they flee, pleading Signum to excuse them, giving a weak excuse of having some other business. After they vanish, Signum notes that they are strange kids but that despite their appearance and weapons, she she sensed not a hint of malice in them.

Battle 1B: Vita vs. Dark Fragment Einhard Edit

Dark Fragment of Einhard Stratos recognizes Vita as an Instructor, "Hammer" of the Instructor Corps. This of course makes Vita think that she is confusing her with someone else. This Dark Dragment's issue is that she was never given the opportunity to spar or fight anyone. Given this wish for combat causes Vita to accuse her of battle mania (バトルマニア) "Like Signum and Fate are". She also comments on how it's annoying such opponents are.

Einhard doesn't deny her being a combat enthusiast, and further explains that she has just one wish to become the strongest in the universe. Vita chides her that this is what battle maniacs often say, and that comparing herself to anyone based on strength or weakness is stupid. Furthermore she notes that no matter one's strength there will always be times when one is powerless to do anything, and that what actually matters is how one goes about protecting what is important. Einhard responds that what is important to her is being strongest so she doesn't loose ever again. She gives her full name and her fighting style name, and attacks.

After Vita wins, Einhard is distraught because her Hegemon-style didn't work at all. Vita on the other hand praises her for managing to be even this effective using a pure hand-to-hand style, and that she is strong enough. Despite this, Einhard is still sad she didn't win and starts fading away, and fades away saying that all she wanted was to get stronger. After Dark Fragment is gone, Vita figures that she became a battle maniac because of her circumstances and wonders what they might have been and why did she call her Instructor.

Meanwhile nearby are actual Vivio and Einhard, who seem to have been in pursuit of Einhard's Fragment and have just arrived as Fragment faded away. Einhard is surprised to see "Instructor Vita", and wonders if the Fragment troubled her. Vivio stops her from interfering noting that Vita has already defeated it and that if they appear before her they will just cause more misunderstandings. Unfortunately for them, they aren't far enough away and Vita overhears, and orders them to get down to her level. They panic and at Vivio's prompting escape. Vita is left perplexed what is up with them and why did they flee.

Battle 1C: Shamal vs. Dark Fragment Yuuno Edit

Shamal at first assumes that Dark Fragment (DF) is the real Yuuno but quickly figures otherwise when the DF failed to recognize. DF Yuuno explains that he is looking for something and is surprised when Shamal asks him is he looking for Jewel Seeds. He in turn asks her did she see one of them and Shamal, unsure how to put this, in the end tells him she knows what he is likely to be searching for since just like Nanoha even as a Dark Fragment he doesn't change. This is a reference to the behavior of Dark Fragments of Nanoha in the previous incident. DF Yuuno doesn't recognize Nanoha's name. Shamal apologizes, saying this will sting a bit and attacks despite Yuuno's protests.

After the battle ends, both sides are left winded. Shamal notes that this fight was even tougher than expected, while Yuuno comments on how useless it is for two rear guard defense types to fight each other. Apparently the fight had ended in a draw, because neither could break each other's defenses.

At this point Yuuno starts fading away and is of course shocked by his body dissapearing. Shamal consoles him by saying that this is all just a dream and he is waking up from it. Yuuno expresses his concern about the Jewel Seeds situation and Shamal consoles him that despite the gravity of situation things will turn out just fine and he will meet a kind and strong girl that will help him. Yuuno thanks her for her kind words and then fades away. Shamal continues to stare at the place where Yuuno used to stand in silence for a moment before reminding herself there are other kids out there (Dark Fragments) that need her help too.

Battle 1D: Zafira vs. Dark Fragment Stern Edit

When Zafira runs into Dark Fragment Stern she recognizes him from their interaction during the previous incident, in particular that they fought and she lost. Zafira is confused for a moment thinking that this might be the real Stern but notices that this one looks different. Stern notes that she is having a terrible headache, has no idea why she is here and that she is suddenly feeling murderous urges. Zafira consoles her and tells her that it would be best if she turned those urges on him and that he will end her suffering with his fists. She attacks him.

After Zafira beats her Stern notes with sadness that again she proved no match to him, while Zafira consoles her that it's understandable that she lost since she isn't really herself right now. Stern notes that her pain, anxiety and anger are burning away and fading. Zafira tells her that this is just her bad dream ending and that she should be at peace because he has not forgotten their promise to fight again when they meet. Stern is relieved to hear that and peacefully crumbles away. Given that it seems Materials are spawning Dark Fragments, Zafira concludes that they too have strong feelings and desires.

Destiny 20 Edit

Battle 2A: Signum vs. Dark Fragment Presea Edit

When Signum encounters Presea Testarossa's Fragment, she is surprised that even Fate's mother has one. Presea of course doesn't know her and Signum introduces herself as her daughter's acquaintance and someone who has been teaching her some swordsmanship. Presea is surprised by that and doesn't believe her, noting that Alicia Testarossa wouldn't be learning that since she hates violence and is a gentle girl. After Signum tries clarifying that she is talking about Presea's second daughter, Fate, Presea doesn't seem to know who Signum is talking about noting she has only one daughter. Signum wonders to herself if this Fragment is a memory from before Fate was born. Her musings are confirmed when Presea asks her to step out of her way so she might continue searching for Alicia, which she has lost. Apparently this Fragment was made based on Presea's bad memories just after the accident that took Alicia away. Signum notes that Alicia isn't' the one that is lost but that it's her, and a fight breaks out.

After Signum wins she notes to herself that despite Presea possessing tremendous offensive abilities and power, she has no speed. Presea calls out to Alicia, saying that she is now going to continue looking for her and crumbles away. Signum notes that she must not tell Testarossa about this.

Battle 2B: Vita vs. Liese Twins Edit

Liese are surprised to have run into Vita who on the other hand is hostile from the start and and immediately demands why are they here and what are they doing. Aria Liese asks her if this kind of reaction is warranted while Lotte Liese notes that she is fine with it. Lotte also states that they aren't under any obligation to answer her since they don't owe Vita and the others anything and that they aren't sorry either. Vita heatedly responds that she doesn't care about their opinion on them and that she hates them, especially given that what they did to Hayate Yagami in her eyes in unforgivable. Lotte is dismissive to this and further goads Vita, and when Aria tries to stop her from antagonizing Vita further, Lotte shuts her up saying that hate is mutual here. She invites Vita to come at her since she is gonna beat Vita up.

After Vita beats them up, she rubs it in by asking how they liked that. Aria with annoyance notes that her type was always difficult to handle while Lotte is still dismissive saying Vita just got lucky. Vita again demands to know what are they doing here, and Aria is finally able to intercede. She is annoyed by this to her pointless fight over nothing and orders the others to stop. She tells Vita not to get heated up again, and apologizes for Lotte's sharp tongue.

Aria notes that she has no intention to argue about where the blame lies, and that they aren't planning to do anything to Hayate. She also notes that they already apologized to her and that they never held a grudge towards her as an individual. On the other with the Wolkenritter things are more complicated but not so bad that they would contemplate killing any of them or something similar. She also says that they are aware that they weren't personally responsible for Clyde Harlaown's death and the ruination of their Father's life. Despite this they simply aren't able to be friendly with anyone involved with the Book of Darkness. More importantly Aria notes that while what they did was not just, they don't feel they were making a mistake by doing it and so they aren't ashamed of it.

Finally she proposes for both sides to simply keep the distance and stay out of each other's way. Vita agrees, as long as it doesn't hinder them since they have a job to do. Aria "praises" her wise decision. Lotte in parting demands that Vita inform the rest of the Wolkenritter so they "stop jumping them". Vita points out that they were the ones who jumped her. Hearing this Lotte storms off and Aria says goodbye before moving away herself.

Battle 2C: Shamal vs. Dark Fragment Vivio Edit

When Shamal runs into Dark Fragment of Vivio, Vivio is in her Adult Sankt Kaiser mode and is crying because her mother isn't there/she doesn't have a mother (the line in Japanese can be interpreted both ways). Shamal asks her is she lost, assuming she got separated from her mother. She does note to herself that she is a bit large to behave like a child. Vivio notes sadly that she has been searching for her (or for a mother) for a long time. Shamal offers to help her look for her mother. She asks her what is her mama's name and what does she look like. Vivio is skeptical of the offer because according to her, people of the castle (everyone of castle (お城のみんな)) told her never to go/follow strangers. Shamal isn't able to counter this and agrees that is correct thinking. She is surprised by the refference to the castle. She then tries pointing out that it's dangerous here and tires to again get Vivio to follow her and tries to approach her, which scares Vivio and a fight breaks out.

After Shamal wins, she tries to get Vivio to stop struggling, because apparently she was able to restrain her. Vivio isn't having it and tries struggling more while screaming no. Shamal notes how strong Vivio is, while Vivio due to being unable to break out starts sobbing. Shamal tires to calm her down and stop crying by telling her she will help her look for her mother, at which point Vivio starts fading and fades away. Shamal is surprised that she was also a Dark Fragment.

Meanwhile real Vivio and Einhard have been watching what happened and Vivio is worried that "this time" it was her fake that was bothering people. This makes it seem that this happens after Vita's encounter with Dark Fragment Einhard. Einhard meanwhile notes that the fake has been looking for her mother and Vivio replies that that is likely a memory of hers from when she was still a new born, and is embarrassed that others got to see her like this.

Unfortunately for the two, like in the case with Vita, they were too close and Shamal overhears them and calls to them to fly down to her because she wants them to tell her their stories. Vivio panics that they were spotted, while Einhard points out that maybe it's time to escape, and mentions escape as if she is unaware of what the word means. Vivo agrees and calls on the Chris to activate full power Stealth and they flee. Shamal is left alone to wonder at who are these strange kids.

Battle 2D: Zafira vs. Dark Fragment Rynith Edit

Dark Fragment Rynith and Zafira recognize each other as Familiar and Guardian Beast. Rynith is confused where she is and asks him about where she is. Zafira explains that they are in Uminari City (the battle is set on the Crystal Caverns map) on an non-administrated world. Rynith is surprised since she has never even left Mid so she has no idea how she got here. She then remembers that if she is here than her students could have been pulled too, and she worries for them since they are so small. Zafira asks her for their names, and is shocked to realize she is talking about Fate Testarossa and Alph. Zafira informs her he has heard of Rynith from her students. Rynith is delighted to hear that, but when Zafira hesitates to tell her where they are she demands he inform her and then attacks.

After Zafira wins Rynith is astonished at how defensible Zafira's style is. Zafira in turn complements her that she was formidable and that she has a unconventional combat technique, as one would expect of Fate and Alph's teacher. Given his comments Rynith figures out that he actually knows them, but at the same time starts fading away and is surprised by this development. Zafira explains that it's just her bad dream ending. Rynith is suprised at this, but Zafira confirms it and tells her not to worry. Rynith thanks him for his kindness in dealing with her and politely asks him if he could tell her how are her students doing. Zafira informs her that they are fine, are holding to her teachings and are growing up as strong and kind kids. This is a relief to Rynith and she fades away relieved of her worry. After she is gone, Zafira notes that he would have liked if she could have met Alph and Fate.

Destiny 21 Edit

Battle 3A: Signum vs. Dark Fragment Levi Edit

Signum runs into Levi the Slasher and is surprised to find that the other one doesn't recognize her despite them presumably meeting during the previous incident. She concludes that this is not real Levi but a Fragment. Levi pays no attention to this and asks Signum to play with her, explaining that while she is aware of the existence of other Materials, but that she is unable to reach them and can't really properly talk to them. So she has been alone forever. She also says that all that time she wished she could get out and play, and that going around destroying things like the Defense Program did looked fun.

Signum reprimands her for saying such disturbing things, and tells her that if she wants to play she should have fun playing like a child. Levi is confused by the "like a child" part, noting that nobody ever told her how to play. Dearche just told her to keep out of trouble until the time comes, and even Stern just told her to restrain herself. Despite that, she notes how she has been thinking about it, and about how much she will play with the other two once they acquire the System U-D. With sadness she notes in the end that the other two aren't here right now, so she has nobody to play with.

Signum offers herself to play with her, but Levi is skeptical if that is a good idea since as she notes playing with her might cause Signum to be damaged or to even die. Signum waves of her concern noting that she too has problems holding back and that she will be fine. She tells Levi to take up her sword, and come at her with her full power. Levi corrects Signum that Vulnificus isn't a sword but her crusher (kanji: breaking axe), and then she attacks.

After Signum wins, she notes that Levi's swordsmanship is pretty good for how haphazard it is. Levi is delighted at being praised and notes that fighting Signum was really fun despite the annoyance of loosing. This is when Levi starts vanishing and is surprised by this development. She wonders if the "Cluster" or maybe the construction structure (構築構造) was damaged. Signum tells her not to worry because it's this is just Levi's dream ending.

Levi says again that it has been really fun meeting Signum, and calling her a "Bushido" person asks her to play with her again next time. At Signum's prompting, who seemingly was not aware of what Levi meant by Bushido, Levi explains that by that she means "cool people who use swords". She waves Signum bye bye and crumbles away. Only afterwards does Signum notice she has failed to respond to Levi's question to play with her, so she proclaims out loud that she will play with Levi next time, as long as Levi behaves. That concluded a tremor strikes and surprises Signum.

Battle 3B: Vita vs. Alph Edit

Vita runs into Alph (not a Dark Fragment), both assume the other is a Dark Fragment and attack each other without bothering to confirm. The subsequent battle is supposed to be a closely contested thing since Vita complains about Alph hitting really hard and wearing herself out. After Vita does win, they come to their senses and realize the other is not a Dark Fragment. Vita apologizes for loosing her cool and Alph waves it off saying they both were careless and they agree they should not count this one.

Alph enquires weather Vita has seen Fate since she lost sight of he and that she is worried for her because they have fought Presea and Rynith's Dark Fragments. Vita is surprised by this and notes that this is another of a series of weird things about this incident, and Alph agrees. Vita informs Alph that the crew of Arthra is trying to figure out where the Fragments are coming from and that until then there is nothing better to do but to sweep the area of them. Alph instead decides that she will continue looking for Fate. After Alph flies away, the shaking starts.

Battle 3C: Shamal vs. Kyrie Edit

While Shamal is sweeping for the Fragments, Kyrie Florian intercepts her and tells her to stop, calling Shamal "green miss". Shamal happily greets her and enquirers if she needs something, but notes also that there is an order out for her apprehension. Kyrie explains that she wants Shamal to help fix the Materials since she needs Dearche especially now that U-D has disappeared. Shamal turns her down saying it's not her decision on weather or not she helps her but is something Hayate Yagami and the Headquarters will need to decide on. She finally notes that she doesn't even know how to fix the Materials.

Kyrie doesn't take this rejection and dashing of her hopes well. She starts allmmost crying and tells that she needs Dearche's power to control U-D and that without that she will never be able to get her hands on "Examia" or go home. Unfortunately for Shamal she then quickly recovers and tries a different tact by explaining she just wants for some healer from this world, that she is aware she is being rough and tries again asking Shamal to cooperate. When then Shamal outright flatly refuses her, she changes her tack once more and threatens her and tells her that after Shamal gives up, she should plead and apologize to Kyrie as much as possible, because Kyrie might then be in a merciful mood. Shamal is fine with this, and points out that despite appearances she is still one of the Knights of the Night Sky and that fighting her won't be as easy as Kyrie seems to think it will be. Kyrie promises her that she will "treat" her with the full on fluttering peach blossom swords and guns attack (桃花舞い散る銃剣撃) and attacks.

After Shamal wins, the fact that she was defeated by Shamal shocks Kyrie. She demands to know if Shamal is actually a healer and aren't healers supposed to be weak at fighting. Shamal ignores this and wonders if Kyrie will now answer some questions. Who are they (Kyrie and Amita), where did they come from and what does she know about the Materials and the Unbreakable Darkness. Kyrie refuses to answer citing her right to remain silent. Shamal honors her right but also binds her, noting that she will stay that way until her public defender comes. Kyrie complains about how tight the rope is, but Shamal ignores that.

Shamal lectures her about how had she explained herself properly to people she wold have avoided a lot of pointless fighting. Shamal also notes that Kyrie seems to be in a quarell with her sister and wonders if maybe this is also due to lack of communication. Kyrie testily responds that she doesn't remember Shamal ever seeing her family in such a situation. This is when the shaking starts which surprises Shamal and allows Kyrie her chance to escape. Shamal calls out to Kyrie to stop but then more shaking happens and Shamal is left wondering what might be causing this.

Battle 3D: Zafira vs. Dark Fragment Dearche Edit

When Zafira encounters Dark Fragment of Dearche he tries to get her to figure out that she is a Dark Fragment by asking her is she is lost like other Fragments, which she denies. Zafira tries again by aksing her why she might be at a place like this, without her servants, to which Dearche scoffs, pointing out that the last time she fought (refference to either the fight at the start of the game or her battle vs Zafira in The Battle of Aces she was also alone.

Further more she points out that if there is anything wrong it will get better once she gets her hands on the Unbreakable Darkness and frees herself and other two Materials. She then adds that after that happens all three of them will go on to sow death and destruction across the world. Zafira takes an exception to that, noting that something like that won't do, especially for someone who, although dormant was part of the Book of the Night Sky. Dearche corrects him that the Materials are the building blocks of the Book of Darkness, not Book of the Night Sky and as such they are incompatible with the likes of Zafira. Dearche finishes by saying she wants darkness and chaos, and that she will sacrifice Zafira to it and attacks.

Once Zafira wins, Dearche is already fading away and is mad that she lost which she attributes on not having enough power. Zafira notes that it's understandable since he can see she is fading away. He tells her to go and sleep in peace and she crumbles away swearing at him in anger.

After Dearche is gone, Zafira notes with sadness that both the Materials and Kyrie both seem prepared to do anything in pursuit of the power of the Unbreakable Darkness. He also notes that there is still much he doesn't get about this incident but for now he can only do what should be done. At which point she shaking starts.

Destiny 22 Edit

Battle 4A: Kyrie vs. U-D Edit

Amitie Florian finds System U-D and asks her to cooperate with her in order to prevent Kyrie Florian from getting her hands on Examia crystall[2]. U-D replies that she won't give it at any cost since she needs it to maintain corporeal from. Hearing this, Amita promises to protect her. U-D ignores Amitie's offer and tells her that she knows Amitie is a non-human time traveller. She even knows Amitie is an Eltrian Gear. The fact that U-D knows all this suprises Amitie.


Amitie, Kyrie and U-D

This is when Kyrie flies in.interrupting them. She is desperate because Dearche is gone and her encounter with Shamal did not go well. But that doesn't deter her. She notes that she just needs to get Examia from U-D and bring it to the Professor and all will turn out well. Amita tries to dissuade her reminding her of Professors explicit instructions that they should be protectors of destiny and time and not even think of messing with it, but Kyrie doesn't care. In her mind she is the defective good for nothing sister and the only ting she can do is break the rules so she can bring hope to Professor before he dies in the form of Examia. She also notes that she learned from Professor and Amita to never give up once she has made her mind up. U-D powers up the hand to hand system (her output is now at 35%) and Kyrie attacks despite Amita's protests and pleas for her to stop[3].

During this fight Kyrei's Full Drive Burst gets a special aria where she screams about never ever giving up instead doing the usual one. If Kyrie is victorious she experiences a brief moment of hope that she did it before U-D dashes it. No matter the outcome of the actual fight, U-D calls her the Operator of Time and notes that she is simply not good enough to defeat her. Then she tells Kyrie that unfortunately her unchangeable fate will be to crumble and disappear before her Soul Wings. U-D does express sadness that this is an unchangeable fate.

God018a gim 00000000

Amitie saving Kyrie from U-D

Just as U-D is preparing to go through with her promise, Amitie uses her Accelerator to interpose herself between Kyrie and U-D's Soul Wing's claw blow. Kyrie is stunned, Amita begs her to flee but U-D promises neither of them will escape since she will be doing them a favor by snuffing them out right then and there. Amita rejects her reasoning saying that human hearts are made for enduring, while facing forward no matter what comes. She notes that though she is made of metal, she was raised to be kind and that her duty, as eldest female, is to protect family members' bodies and minds.


The resulting explosion from Variant Zapper Over Blast

With this Amitie overcharges her Variant Zapper and fires everything she has at U-D from point blank range. The resulting detonation from her Variant Zapper Over Blast is so large that the Wolkenritter can see it on the horizon. Shamal is surprised at it's power and notes in shock that it surpassed the Triple Breaker. Zafira notes that given the heat and blast from the detonation, no normal human could have survived being caught in it. Unfortunatelly despite all this U-D is basically unscathed. She notes that despite all Amita's efforts, such as including damaging her weapons, she barely felt the attack and that ultimately it was insufficient to eliminate her, which she then notes is sad.

Meanwhile the Wolkenritter have moved in close enough to see what is going on, and Zafira notes that U-D's power is beyond compare and that even all of them together would not be able to defeat her. Despite that they in their opinion they can't leave her be and get ready to attack. Before they can react, U-D grabs her head, screams and disappears. Knights move to try to follow her, when they recieve a call from Chrono. He apologizes them for being late, and orders them to return to Arthra and that he has been kinda preparing countermeasures. They agree. Shamal notes they should pick up the Florians, but before they can do anything Vita spots Kyrie flying away heavily damaged and wonders where she might be going.


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