Generic Device
Uniform AAS Undersuit
Aerial mages wielding generic staffs
Device profile
MasterTSAB members
Saint Church members
Magic systemMidchilda
Modern Belka
Japanese name汎用デバイス
(Hanyō Debaisu)
First app.Nanoha (ep.11)
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Generic Devices (汎用デバイス Hanyō Debaisu) commonly refer to the standardised Devices rationed by specific organisations to their mages or knights who do not possess personal Devices. Although not specifically classified in the series, they tend to be Storage Devices due to limited and simple functions.

Notable generic Devices include:

  • Staffs used by mages of the Administrative Bureau.
  • Training Devices used in the academies of the Bureau, e.g. single-handed staffs and long staffs for Midchildan system practitioners (mages), pole spears for Modern Belkan system practitioners (knights maintaining Ritter ranks).[1]
  • Pole weapons used by church knights of the Saint Church.[2]

In addition to the above, Strike Cannons may also be seen as a kind of generic equipment used by specific forces/teams of the Bureau in Force (primary continuity). In the movie continuity, there are a few more examples of such generic equipment, as seen in Reflection.


The generic staffs are introduced in the early series in the hands of the Bureau mages, e.g. Arthra members who investigate the Garden of Time in Nanoha. The other types are introduced by the time of StrikerS manga and StrikerS, e.g. used by Bureau cadets in the Fourth Ground Forces Academy and Bureau members during the JS Incident.

Uses of generic Devices (or Device-like equipment) by notable characters include:


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