Ground Armaments Service
Organization profile
Other namesGAS
TypeGround force
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Armaments Service
Japanese name陸上警備部/隊
(Rikujō Keibi Bu/Tai)
First app.StrikerS
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Ground Armaments Service (陸上警備部/隊 Rikujō Keibi Bu/Tai, official abbreviation GAS)[1] is the ground branch of the TSAB armed forces managed by the Main Office. Notably, it does not include the Capital Defense Corps which is directly under the management of Midchildan Ground Headquarters (Mid-GH) and has different uniforms.



Erio and Caro are wearing Ground Forces uniforms

The ground forces uniform consists of a brown double-breasted jacket with a dark brown yoke, worn over a white shirt or blouse, with a matching pair of pants or skirt. The uniform is typically worn with a black tie, however this appears to be at the discretion of the individual. Officer uniforms include silver shoulder boards, and senior officers wear a white lanyard from their belt across their left hip.[2][3] Medical personnel wear a white lab coat over their normal uniform.[4]

Notable SubdivisionsEdit

  • Battalion 104 (陸士104部隊),[5] headquartered in Northern Midchilda, is the unit Hayate Yagami was assigned to for commander training, before the establishment of Riot Force 6. It is also the unit that helped contain the Coastal Airport 8 fire in 0071.

Notably, different subdivision names may be printed on the ribbon part of the GAS emblem.



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