Gulf Special Rescue Unit
Organization profile
TypeSearch and rescue team
LocationSouthern Midchilda
LeaderCapt. Voltz Stan
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Midchilda Central Office
Disaster Prevention Department
Japanese name湾岸特別救助隊
(Wangan Tokubetsu Kyūjotai)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.14, mentioned)
Sound Stage X
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Gulf Special Rescue Unit (湾岸特別救助隊 Wangan Tokubetsu Kyūjotai)[1] is a subdivision of TSAB Rescue Corps specializing in rapid deployment disaster relief and search-and-rescue operations. It is considered the most prestigious unit in the Bureau's disaster relief branch.[2]

The unit is commanded by Capt. Voltz Stan and is in charge of the port areas in Southern Midchilda.


The unit was probably modeled after the Japanese Special Rescue Team, an elite search-and-rescue unit formed in 1975.



Subaru is wearing Gulf Special Rescue Unit uniform

The Special Unit's "silver" uniforms are presumably unique among the Rescue Corps and strongly resemble those of the Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps, except that they have silver color instead of white (including a silver-colored, rather than blue, miniskirt for female members), slightly more blue on the shoulders, and two rows of buttons.



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